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Abaindiatv Review: Is Legit or Scam?


One of the best ways to make money online is to sign up on a very good investment website and actively get to work immediately. Even if most people complain about how risky online investments are, there is no denying that it is one of the fastest and least stressful ways to earn. The investment cycles are really quick(usually in 30days or less), and no special skill is required to qualify if you are interested. So, why haven’t you joined an investment platform today? If you are looking for one to set your eyes on, then a good pick could be the famous Abaindiatv earning platform.


Abaindiatv, or abatv, is a South African investment website. It is a decent earning platform that seems to appreciate its members. The good thing is that the platform did not just start operations, they actually have been going on for a couple of months now. And the best part is, making investment is optional. You can earn on abaindiatv without making any deposits. Don’t you find all of these interesting? If you do, then read to the end of this review to get more insight.



Abaindiatv Review

Are you already a member of abaindiatv? Well since you landed on this page, there is a possibility that you came to seek answers to a particular issue or challenge. Be rest assured that this review will have the answers you need.


It will be very helpful if you were to the end of this review. Why? Well, when you have all the information you need, then you are highly likely to avoid further challenges in future. And this review has all the right information you need.


In this review, we will provide answers to different questions that members have been asking all these while. Questions like: How to earn on abatv? How to withdraw from the platform? Is legit or scam? And so on. Do well to finish reading this write up.


Disclaimer: If you think we own the earning website, then you are greatly mistaken. The investment site is not owned by us, and we also have no affiliation with the owners of abatv. At the moment, the owners of the platform have kept their identity a secret. The reasons are unknown.


How to Make Money

By now, you already know that one of the ways to earn is by making investments. But here is what you need to know after making investments.


After making investments on, you can start earning by carrying out simple tasks. These are tasks like watching short online videos for fun. When you watch a video(it could be as long as just 15seconds), you have successfully completed a task. Most times, there are numerous videos to watch, so this means there are lots of money for you to earn with ease.


Also, you can make money on abatv by spinning the ‘turn table of luck.’ This wheel can earn you lots of money too.


Finally, the last way to make money is by Referral. With referral, you can earn limitless amounts of money in one day. And it is members who aren’t interested in investing that should focus more on getting referrals. referral is a fast way to earn. All you have to do is find people who have interests in earning online, then convince them to sign up using your abaindiatv referral link. If you succeed at this, you will get rewarded by the platform.


How to Withdraw

After you have joined this platform and have earned some amounts of money, it is normal that your next motive would want to be to place withdrawal. First of all, the minimum withdrawal amount of this earning site is not even that huge, so it should be easy to qualify for withdrawal.


Abaindiatv members are allowed to withdraw as low as R50, and payments are made directly to one’s bank account. If you wish to withdraw, login to your account dashboard and click ‘my wallet.’ Then find a way to include your bank account details, and request for your money to be paid to you.


How to go about Abaindiatv Login or Sign Up Process

The first step to starting your journey as an abatv member, is by signing up. You can either do this on or on the app. Either ways is fine.


To sign up, first go to the homepage(or open the app), then find and click ‘register now.’ Next, accurately provide your phone number, desired password, and a referral code. Then hit the sign up button. After completing sign up process, you will be given a welcome bonus of R30. This is a bonus that is given to all new members just to motivate them that earning on this platform is not so difficult.


Of course you cannot instantly withdraw the R30 welcome bonus, because the minimum withdrawal amount is R50. However, you can try using the welcome bonus to invest in any of the available abatv investment plans.


Also, if you do not know how to login here is a quick guide; First of all, go to the homepage. When you get there, click on literally anything and you will instantly be taken to abaindiatv login page. On this page, type in your phone number and password. Then click ‘log in now.’


Is Abaindiatv Legit or Scam

Incase you didn’t know, abaindiatv has been ongoing for more than two months. And members of the platform are happily earning daily. As at the time this article was written, is legit and paying. As more and more people join, they get paid as well.


But keep in mind that online investment sites do not always last forever. The older they get, the higher their chances of turning into a scam. ‘Maybe,’ just maybe, might turn out to be a scam in the nearest future. No one is certain of this, so you new members should thread with caution. Online investments are usually big risks.
Thanks for reading.


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