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Is Legit? Honest Review


These days, the rate at which platforms new platforms are getting discovered every new day, we get to hear about new babies being launched at least twice everyday. It is all good though, at least this means there are more opportunities made available for South African earners. Very recently, a new baby called got discovered. Have you heard about betaplay and how this one works? is a simple and fun way to earn money. And as a South African with access to the internet, if you haven’t considered trying to earn from the platform then I really wonder why. Or perhaps you don’t like the idea of earning easy money?

Oh well, everyone with the privilege of earning from the site should not hesitate to give it a try. It most likely will turn out in your favor. But before you begin making any big moves, how about you stick around to the end of this review article to get more info first. Review

If you have read to this part of the betaplay review article, then there’s no denying the fact that you have developed interest in this money making website. Very good! Being interested in an earning site is good, learning about the site is even better. In this review article, you will get all the education you need. Whether it is questions that brought you here, or a desire to earn online, or a particular hurdle, well this article will most likely provide you answers to what you seek. is recently launched. They probably launched on the 22nd of May, 2024. There is very little information about them on their own website, and even on the whole internet as a whole. But not to worry, this review you are currently reading will do enough justice in providing you with thorough information.


Disclaimer: Please, we are not owners or in collaboration with the owners of betaplay. This review article is not promoting or advertising the earning site. The purpose of this article is only to help educate internet users who have interests in getting involved with this earning platform.


How to Make Money on

To make money on, you need to be ready to perform tasks. But fear not, as these are not physical or hard tasks. These are tasks that can be done remotely, and in very short time.


The task available on this website is merely a task of spinning the wheel daily. There is a free vip for members, and this allows members to earn free money everyday just by consistently spinning the wheel. A member can earn between R5 to R30 daily without even making an investment.


For members who would like to earn more money on betaplay, well you can decide to invest or deposit in any of the paid vip plans available. This will increase the amount you can make from doing your daily spins.
Note: You can get a spin every 3hours, so there are lots of money to be made.


There is another way to make money on

It is a method you are probably familiar with. This is known as the referral method, and it is a way to earn without spending any money. You simply have to get your referral link from your dashboard, then go about inviting different online friends of yours to join betaplay. You will earn 2% to 10% every time your referral plays the spin the wheel.


How to Withdraw

You will not be able to withdraw from if you do not have an accumulated earnings of R200 in your account dashboard. This is a rule on the platform that all members are forced to follow. However, if you have R200 or more revenue, you can easily be allowed to place withdrawal when you click ‘withdraw’ and provide your accurate bank details.

Note: Only South African Banks are accepted. So if you live outside SA, you can also earn but you must have a bank account that will be accepted.


How to Perform Login or Sign Up Process

You can begin your earning journey on betaplay whenever you wish to start, but first you must start with completing the sign up process. This is a simple step that you can start and complete in just two minutes.


To start registration, first get yourself a referral link. The link will take you to the registration page, and on this page you will need to fill in your personal details(like username, phone number, email, and the likes). Once you provide the necessary info, submit it and you will get access to your earning dashboard for the first time ever. Betaplay will allow you to start earning immediately, and remember that you can earn without making any deposits.


As for the login process, well you can easily login and access your dashboard anytime you want to. First, get yourself to the homepage, and then to the login page. On the login page, you only need to provide your username and your correct password, then submit it and get access to your earning dashboard. login process takes less than a minute to complete.



Is Legit or Scam

While some are already earning daily from betaplay, there are those feeling the need to be sure that the platform is legit and paying before they carry out any action. Well, it is good that you want to be certain before making moves, but since the platform is one that can earn you money without you making investments, then you shouldn’t sleep on it!


For those asking if is legit or scam, you have to consider that this earning site is very new. No one is certain yet, so you just have to give it a try yourself. You may, or may not get paid. But our only advice is that you shouldn’t make any deposit/investment.


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