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Introduction is not an earning site that was launched very recently. If I am not mistaken, this platform has been going on for over a month now(or more), and many folks have been singing songs of praises about this platform. This South African earning platform, although not the first of its kind, is one that many seem to have grown great liking for. Would you like to know why?
Well it is simply because many have successfully made lots of money from the site, and many believe that they will earn way more in the nearest future. Btbranch is indeed amazing.


If you know little, or nothing, about this money making site then this particular money making platform is just what you should be reading.
You have learnt that btbranch is a platform you can earn from, but of course there are still so many things you are yet to know about the platform. So instead of ignorantly going to the website homepage to secure your own share of earnings, perhaps you should first read to the end of this review article. And you will be glad you did.



Btbranch Review

Many will claim they already know everything they need to know about btbranch, well think again! I have carefully analyzed and studied this platform, and there are a couple of things you probably don’t know. Everything will be stated in this review article, so it is best you read this article without skipping a line.


Btbranch is an earning site with an unknown owner. This definitely should lead to suspicions. Why? Because, if the owner of the platform doesn’t have ulterior motives, then what’s the whole point of having to mask his or her identity? Have you ever wondered this before now?
You probably haven’t.


This article will be providing you with details and information you probably haven’t thought of before now. And different answers will be provided to readers as well.

For those who have been wondering about things like, if is legit or scam, if it is possible to withdraw the funds earned, and so on. The answers will be given to you in this article.

So without further ado, let’s dive into it!


How to Earn Money on Btbranch

The primary thought of every member of, is how they can quickly make money from the platform. So if you don’t know how it works, then below is a detailed explanation.


On this earning site, members can easily make money by spinning a wheel everyday. The wheel can earn you about R2 per spin.

You can agree that this amount of money is quite small, and since the spins are limited to once a day, then you probably will end up frustrated with little daily earnings. This is where the investment packages come in.


On btbranch, members can make deposits to earn more money daily. There are different investment packages, as is expected. And when you make an investment, you begin to earn daily returns. Pretty Cool!


Also, there is always the option to earn via referrals. Apparently, almost every earning site on the internet have the referral earning option.

Earning by referrals is not something new. Almost everyone knows how it works. You simply have to get someone who is ready to sign up using your referral code. And whenever you succeed in doing this, you get instant referral bonuses.
And as usual, there is no limit to how many referral you can get in a single day. So cool!


How to perform Btbranch Sign Up / Login Process

When you make up your mind of wanting to earn money on btbranch, the first thing you must have to do is to carry out the sign up process. A pretty quick and simple process.


To do the sign up process, simply go to the website first. Then, find and click on anything that looks like register or sign up.
Once you get to the sign up page, you will be required to provide just your phone number, a password of your preference, your referral code(it is not necessary you have one), and an sms code sent to your mobile number.

Once all these are provided, click on ‘register.’ And the whole process is a wrap!


To login, you must first find your way to the login page first. If you can get to the sign up page, scroll to the bottom and click on ‘I have an account.’ This will take you to the login page.
On btbranch login page, provide only your phone number and password. Then click on ‘login.’ You will instantly be taken to your earning dashboard if all the details you provided were correct.


How to withdraw on Btbranch

If you previously attempted to withdraw from btbranch and you failed in doing so, this might actually be because you tried to withdraw lesser than the withdrawal threshold. The site only allows withdrawal as low as R50. Any amount that is not more that range, will not be successful.


To place a withdrawal on the site, one simply must first carry out the login process. Then when logged in, find and click on ‘withdrawal.’ This will lead you to the page where you can provide your bank account details, and request payment.



Is Btbranch Legit or Scam?

If you go to different social media platforms, you will find different payment proofs to prove the fact that is legit! The platform actually pays. But this might be just temporary.


Many online sites in the past started out to be legit. But eventually, they stopped paying members. Feel free to ask around. Does this mean btbranch will be similar? Maybe it will. No one knows for sure. But bear in mind that giving this platform a 100% trust, is not a very bright idea. is legit for now, but in future things there are no guarantees!


Thank you for reading to the very end of this review writeup. If you have got any questions or comments to make, then drop a comment below.


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