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Bumblestash Review: Legit Or Scam? Get Details


It is no longer news that you can make money online without making any deposits. So instead of wasting your time signing up and stressing over ponzi schemes that will most likely never pay you back your invested amounts, why not put your focus on survey websites like bumblestash?!


What makes this earning platform stand out? Well for starters, this is one of those platforms you join and never worry about making any investments or deposits. Members of this platform are given free money. So if you wish to ‘earn from nothing’ online, then this should definitely be on your lists of platforms to register. is a newly discovered money making website. So if you have been wondering why you are just getting to know about it, well don’t be too hard on yourself as this platform didn’t even exist few months ago. But despite being new, more and more people are beginning to join the website everyday. You too should consider joining. In most cases, those who are among the first set to sign up on a money making website, are usually the ones that get to enjoy it the most!



Bumblestash Review

But before deciding that you want to take bumblestash seriously, it is important to at least have a vast knowledge of what it is you are diving into. Which is why this review article, will be providing all the necessary info about the earning site.


As usual, since the website is new, many members and non-members have been asking all sort of questions. Usually questions pertaining to earning and get paid. If you have been asking questions, then prepare to get answers in this review article.
Some of the questions we will be answering in this review, includes; How to make money from bumble stash? How to withdraw from them? How to login into one’s account dashboard, Is bumblestash legit or a scam? And many other frequently asked questions. Stick around to the end if you want to get all answers.


NOTE: Bumble stash earning website is not in any affiliation with this blog. The only goal we aim to achieve by writing about the earning site on this blog, is to pass information to the general public who wish to know!


How to Make Money

Since you joined bumblestash with the main goal of earning online, then here is a detailed explanation of how you can make money from this website.


One of the ways to earn is by downloading and testing apps available. You can do this by going to the menu section of your dashboard and selecting the ‘offer’ option. This will take you to the offer wall, and you can be able to choose the apps you want to test. When you download and use an app available on the offer wall, you get rewarded with the sum of $100.

The good thing about offers is that there are numerous apps to test. Meaning that you can earn lots of money from carrying out this act repeatedly.


Another fast way to earn money on bumblestash has got to be by referral. Firstly, when you share your referral link and an individual clicks on it, you instantly get a reward of $2. But that’s not all! You will then earn $50 when an individual completely signs up using your bumblestash referral link.
To get lots of referrals, do well to share your link to friends on different social media. And make sure to convince them that they stand to earn lots of money when they join.


How to Withdraw

There are about one or two criteria that must be met before a member can successfully withdraw from this platform. Firstly, all members must have earned up to $100 before they can attempt to withdraw. Secondly, members must have gotten at least three successful referrals before they can continue to place withdrawal.
If you meet these requirements, then simply select ‘withdraw’ in the menu options, then choose your payment option(paypal, venmo, or cashapp). Finally, type in the amount you want to withdraw. Then submit and wait for your payment to arrive.


How to Sign Up or Login on Bumblestash

As a member of the platform, there will be times when you get logged out of your account and you won’t know why. To simply login back to your account, all you have to do is find and click ‘login.’ You will find this option after tapping the menu icon.

Then on bumblestash login page, the next thing to be done is to provide your username and password. Then finally click ‘sign in.’ These easy steps will return you to your account dashboard, and you can then begin earning more revenue without any further issues.


If you aren’t already a member, then you can start your financial journey by first going to
On the homepage, select ‘sign-up’ option and you will be taken to the registration page. On this page, fill in your username, full name, email, a password, and referral code. Then submit to finish the process.


Once you finish signing up, you will find the sum of $100 in your account dashboard. This is simply a sign up bonus, and it is given to all new members once they finish the sign up bonus. Oh, and yes – this bonus can be withdrawn!


Is Bumblestash Legit or Scam

In the past, we have come across paying survey sites and we have come across scam survey site. And at the moment, most members really want to know if bumble stash is a paying one or not.


Since the launch of this earning site, no one has claimed to get paid by bumblestash. So this can only mean that the platform isn’t paying anyone. For those that have been asking if is legit or a scam, you should have gotten your answer by now. If truly this platform pays, many online users would have showed off their payment receipts online.


What do you think about this earning site? Do drop a comment below.


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