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Cargillapp is a newly launched platform made for Nigerians to easily earn online without having to carry out difficult or complicated actions. This earning site is made for all internet users living in Nigeria. Whether you have special digital skills, or not, you will be allowed to earn on the platform. They welcome both literate and non-literate online individuals. As long as you have a mobile phone or a personal computer, and access to good internet, then you qualify to be a member of the website. Oh, also the website is free to join.


You may not know this, but some online earning sites in Nigeria will ask you to buy coupon codes before you are allowed to complete the registration process. But on, members can sign up for free. No payments needed before one can join the site.

It is actually a decent website, with lots of cool features made available. But there is a lot to know about this site before joining it.

Well, this cargillapp review will help you with all the right info you need. Review

There are so many money making platforms made for Nigerians. And if you were to somehow join every single one of these platforms, you will realize that not all of these sites are legit and paying as they claim. Do not make the mistake of thinking that the hype revolving around an earning site is what determines if the site is legit or a scam.
Now as you already know, there is a lot of hype for this new platform called Cargill app. This is normal, but this does not guarantee that the site is legit.


Would you like to know if is legit or a scam? If your answer is yes, then all you have to do to get answers is to read this review article to the end.

This writeup will provide you with answers to different questions. Especially questions that we realized most members have been asking repeatedly. For example, questions like; “How to withdraw from the platform?” “How to register or join the platform?” And many more…


Bear in mind that; This article is not meant to advertise the earning site. This article is only meant to educate members and aspiring members.


How to make Money on

Just incase you haven’t already figured it out yet, cargillapp is actually an investment website. This means that, even if you do not have to make any investments before signing up, you will still need to make investments before making money on the platform. is a website that you can earn easily everyday. But this is possible only after making deposits into the site.


Members however do not need to worry about getting much funds to invest. This website allows members to invest as low as 1,000naira. This investment package can earn you back a total sum of 1,400naira. The return on investment is not that much because the invested amount is little. So to earn more money, you can consider any of the other packages that cost more money. The higher the investment package, the more returns that will be made available for you.


Also, you can increase your revenue on cargillap by referring or inviting. This website can be quite generous to those who preach about them. When you get successful invites on this platform, you get rewarded the good sums of money for every successful referral you get.
Everyday earnings is guaranteed if you can get lots of folks to sign up using your referral link.


How to Login and Sign Up on

After making a deposit or investment, members of this platform are required to login daily if they desire to get their daily earnings. Without performing the daily login action, and accessing your dashboard, you may receive no increase in revenue(except via referrals). Not to worry, the login process is very simple to do.


To login, go to the website homepage first. Then on the homepage, scroll down click on ‘login.’ And then on login page, provide your phone number and your password. Then submit.


As for the sign up process, one good reason to look up to the sign up process is the 1,000naira welcome bonus that all new members receive as soon as they finish signing up. To sign up, just find and click on a referral link. Then on the website signing up page, provide any information they ask of you(which are your email, username, phone number, password). After typing it all, just click submit.

Don’t worry, no further action will be required from you. You will instantly receive the registration bonus.


How to Withdraw from

Members of this are allowed to withdraw a minimum sum of just 2,000naira. Anyone who has less than this amount on their dashboard will not be allowed to complete the withdrawal process. But if you have earned up to the amount, or more, then you can withdraw swiftly. But before you can withdraw, you must first make your bank account number and details available. Only Nigerian bank account details will be accepted on the platform.


To place withdrawal, simply login into your account dashboard. Then on the dashboard page, find and click ‘withdraw.’ This will take you to the withdrawal page. And on this page, you can request for your payment.


Is Legit or Scam?

It is evident that cargillapp is a ponzi scheme website. And in many cases, ponzi scheme sites usually end up being scams. But what are the chances that cargillapp will be any different?


Well at the moment, the website is actually paying. Many members have confirmed it and many more are giving testimonies. But this does not guarantee that they will keep on being legit in the days and weeks to come.
For those that have been asking if is legit or scam, the advice we can give you is that you should never give ponzi websites your 100% trust. They won’t be legit forever.


That’s a wrap for this writeup. Do well to drop comments below.


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