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Chrono-o Review: Is a Legit Site?


Looking for a high profit platform that was launched just recently? Then there is one that might just be the best option for you. The platform is made for Nigerians, and anyone can sign up for free and start earning on the same day he or she joins. The platform being talked about is called chrono-o. Have you heard about this new earning site? is a new money making platform. You should be excited about this because the best paying platforms are usually the ones that got launched recently(no promises made). If you are serious about earning online, then take this chrono-o review article seriously. Because in this article, you will get all the tips and tricks to earning well as a member.


Also, it is important you read to the end if you seriously want to overcome future challenges or issues. There might be one or two complicated parts when it comes to earning on this platform. So don’t skip any part of this review. Review

Earning online can be easy at times. This is a true fact. But if you have little or no knowledge about what you are getting into, you will definitely go through so many challenges. So if you previously do not know how works, and you sign up without learning all about the website first, you will likely fail to earn money as a member. To avoid this, take this chrono-o review article more seriously.


Read through as we provide answers to different frequently asked questions like – Is legit or scam? Who is the owner of chrono-o? How to cash out from the site? And many others.


How to Earn Money on Chrono-o

The sweetest thing about earning money online will always be the part where you get to earn from home, work, or any where you are. So when earning on chrono-o, you can be at any place and earn with ease.


So basically, this platform claims that members can earn by investing in watches. There are different products available on the ‘product’ page, and the minimum investment a member can make on this website is 2500Naira.
So apparently, a member can invest 2500Naira and get back 500Naira daily for up to 100days everyday. This seems rather unrealistic, or don’t you think so too?


What this site is saying, is that a member who invests 2500Naira can get back 50,000Naira. Kinda hard to believe.


Anyways, the only other way to make money on chrono-o is by referral. This is a seamless way to earn even if you do not make any investment. However, the person(s) you refer must make deposits/investments.
When the friends you invite sign up and invest, you will immediately receive 30% cash back. You can make more money daily by referrals than by investments, so work smartly!


How to Withdraw on Chrono-o

The platform didn’t specifically make mention of how much is the least amount a member of can withdraw. However, there is a high chance that the least withdrawal amount is 1000Naira. This may or may not be true.
To place your withdrawal, simply start with the login process. This is because you cannot withdraw if you are not logged in.


Once logged in, find and click ‘withdrawals.’ Then start by providing your bank account details before typing in the amount you want to withdraw. Finally, click ‘withdraw money now.’


How to Carry Out Login or Sign Up Process

To begin earning, you must first register. To register, go to the homepage and select the register option. Then on chrono-o sign up page, provide your phone number, desired password, and a referral code. Then submit and receive a welcome bonus of 1000Naira. The bonus cannot be withdrawn immediately. Have this in mind.


As for the login process, once you go to the homepage and you are not logged in, you automatically get redirected to login page. And on this page, you will need to type in your phone number and password before you can log back in.



Is Legit or Scam

Many people who have shown interest in this platform always end up asking this question sooner or later; “is chrono-o legit?” Well, there is a high probability that the site is a scam. The investment cycle is 100days, and the return on investment is way over 100%. This platform is just a big red flag!


If you want to give it a try, feel free to do so. But bear in mind that it is a risky move. So you might end up regretting it. For those who have been asking if is legit or scam, well hope you have gotten a satisfactory answer?

Thanks for reading to the end of this article.


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