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Cloudswifting Review: Is Cloudswifting.Online Legit or Scam?


“Usdt Gang the waiting is over.” So many online earners have been repeatedly mentioning this same line for the paat couple of hours now. This is because there is a new money making site online that can allow online earners cup lots of usdt earnings. The platform is called, and there is a high chance you have heard about this platform already. If you have indeed heard about this site, then chances are that you have come here looking for information regarding how the platform works.


Well cloudswifting online is a bit of a complicated platform. And if you are not quite experienced, you may have trouble understanding how the platform operates. Fortunately, this article will be your guide to fully understand the do’s and dont’s of the site.
For those who have previously worked with, or earned on cloud mining site, then you should have more idea of how this website works. But this doesn’t change the fact that reading to the end of this article will be beneficial to you.



Cloudswifting Online Review

Cloudmining sites are usually platforms that involves earning by making investments into different crypto currencies. Or at least, this is what we are told by the cloud mining platform owners. is no different. The site talks about funding ai miners for different cryptocurrencies.


Disclaimer – Note that this money making site is not owned by us. The fact that this review article aims to help you understand how cloudswifting online works, doesn’t mean we have any affiliate relationship with the owners. The purpose of this writeup is only just to pass out information to the general public.


This review article promises to provide many answers. This includes answers questions like; How can one withdraw? How can one make money? How can one login or even sign up? Is Legit or scam?
The review writeup is to help those with challenges, so that they could possibly earn without having to go through a heap of hurdles.


As you read on, you will begin to fully understand everything about this platform, and you will come to realize that it isn’t even as complicated as you thought it would be. So, read to the end.


How to make Money on Cloudswifting Online

By now you already know that members of earn in dollars. This is great because the exchange rate from dollars to your local currency is a joy. *wink*
To earn in dollars, you can achieve this by getting involved with any of the various investment platform available on the website.


Many members claim you can invest as low as $10 on the platform. After making an investment, you will begin to get daily returns everyday for ten days. And by the end of this ten days, you would have earned way more than you invested.

For instance, if you are to make an investment of $100, you will get back $15 everyday for ten days. If you do the math, you will realize that you earned a whopping $150 after ten days. Meaning you get a $50 return on investment.


Members can also earn money on the lucky draw page. Although, the earnings are quite small.


Lastly, and not surprisingly, there is the final option to make money by referral. referral is probably the easiest way to earn without even spending a quarter. You just need to have a target of how many people you wish to invest in a day, and then meet the target!


The more people that you refer, the more money that will be made.


How to go about Cloudswifting Online Sign up or Login Process

You can only begin earning after you become a member, and to become a member you must first perform the sign up process.


To begin the sign up process, get yourself a referral link. Once you click on this link, you will get taken to the sign up page. Then when you get to the sign up page, you will just need to provide your phone number, and then a password. Once done, submit the details and you will instantly become a member of the platform.

Unfortunately, this is no sign up bonus on the platform. It is quite surprising though, because many similar platforms usually give out sign up bonuses to new members.


As for the login process, it is just as easy as the sign up process.To login, head over to the homepage, click on ‘login’ and you will get taken to the login page. On this page, provide just your phone number and password. Then submit. The login process can be started and completed in less than five minutes. It is a pretty straightforward activity.


How to withdraw from Cloudswifting Online

You can easily withdraw from this site if you have gotten up to the withdrawal threshold. Amazingly, the withdrawal threshold is said to be just $3.
If you have earned up to the said amount, then you can withdraw if you have a usdt wallet to use in receiving your payment.


To place a withdrawal on cloudswifting online, simply login, find and click on ‘withdraw,’ then provide your wallet address and request your payment from them.
The payment should arrive few minutes after you complete the withdrawal process.


Is Cloudswifting Online Legit or Scam?

When it comes to investment websites, trust issues would always be involved. This is because, once you make an investment into the site, if the platform is not legit then there would be no way to get back your money. It would be gone for good.


This is why most members of the platform can’t stop asking, is legit or scam?
And really, you can’t blame them for asking. The site is a bit sketchy.


We can’t say for sure if the site is legit or a scam. All we can tell you is to bear in mind that investing in this platform is a risk to take. So, are you willing to take such risk even if you might end up regretting it?


Drop a question or a comment, below if you have got any!


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