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Dollartub Review | Is Legit or Scam? Find Out

If you need a simple and quick way to make money online without having to dedicate much of your brain power, then one thing to consider is an online survey site. An example of online survey site is the recently discovered platform known as dollartub.


“What are online survey sites?” These are websites that give certain tasks and jobs to internet users. And when these jobs are done well, the platform then rewards the members for a job well done.

Online survey sites are very great platforms. Most of the time, these platforms are free to join, and involves no form of investment. So if you are looking for a free way to earn online, then it is something you should definitely consider.


Now, is a new online survey site that many people have been talking about and joining for the past couple of weeks. The platform seems like one with lots of potentials. Would you like to know more about how works? If you are interested, then feel free to read to the very end of this review article.



Dollartub Review

This review article promises to be information packed. Apparently, lots of members and aspiring members have been asking different questions about the platform on different social media platforms. As it seems, these questions are not being answered at all. So this review article will be providing those needed answers.


Although you already know that this site is one that could earn you money, you however may not be aware of the certain actions to take, or the ones to avoid. Don’t just register on the platform without getting all the info you need first. Sit back and read to the end of this article to find out if this platform would be worth your while.


There are those also asking questions about whether is legit or scam. Well the answers will be provided right here in this article. As well as answers to questions like, how to withdraw on the platform, how to perform dollartub login process, and many more.


Reading to the end of this article is quite important. Remember, knowledge is in fact power. And this article will be giving you all the knowledge you need. And for free!


How to Make Money On Dollartub?

Something really interesting, is that all new members of the site are given a welcome bonus of $5. This bonus is available for all new members, and it is just the tip of the iceberg for how much one can really earn on the site.


The thing is, there are really no hard tasks to perform on this platform. Yeah, we all have the idea that making money is never easy. But on, making money is actually really easy. And this is how to go about it.


To make money on dollartub, you can easily earn by watching different videos on the platform. For every video you watch, you instantly earn dollar rewards. And whenever you surprisingly get tired of watching to earn, you can decide to earn via referrals too!


Earning via referrals saves you more time. All you simply have to do is share your referral links to different friends, families and associates. Then convince them to register on dollartub. And once this is done, you get dollar rewards for this as well.

Like I mentioned earlier, making money on dollartub is easy and involves no brain power at all. Even a child will find it easy to work with this platform.


How to go about Dollartub Sign Up / Login Process

If you know that you are interested in being a part of this platform, but don’t know how to get started, then the next line of this review article is for you.


To get started, you will need either a referral link or the link to the site’s homepage. The latter is easy to get.

Once you have gotten to homepage, click on ‘get started,’ then provide all of your required information in the next page that you are taken to.

This page, which is the sign in page, will require you to provide your name, email, and password. Then submit to complete the process. This officially qualifies you as a member of dollartub.


As for the login process, you can carry it out by first going to the site’s homepage, then clicking on the menu icon which is on the top left part of the screen. On the menu list, select and click on ‘login.’

Then on the login page, provide your email and password to login. The whole process should take about or minute or two. And it is just as easy, if not easier, than the sign up process.


How to Withdraw from Dollartub?

It is said that the minimum amount a member can withdraw from dollartub is $100. This would mean that all members cannot withdraw any amount lesser than that. And let’s be honest, earning up to $100 on this platform is not really an easy task. It would be easy if there were countless videos to watch. But there are only limited videos.


Well it’s not impossible to reach the withdrawal threshold, so withdrawing is very possible.
To place withdrawal, you will simply have to login, find the withdrawal page, provide your bank account details, and then provide the amount you desire to withdraw from the platform.


Is Dollartub Legit or Scam?

While many people are optimistic about this platform, there are lots of folks online that are strongly of the opinion that is a scam! This site is known to delay in payment, and also not pay some of the members. In fact, there is almost no one online that has shown a proof of payment from dollartub.


For those asking if is legit or scam, well we also believe that the site is not legit. But if you do want to give it a go, then feel free. It is a free platform, so you will have almost nothing to lose(except your time).


Thanks for reading to the end. Drop comments below.



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