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Fcb789 Review(Is Truly a Scam? Find Out)

There are so many money making sites out there. Some, with the usual script and style of earning methods. Others, with new style and new earning methods. But regardless of how a money making website looks like or acts like, it is almost impossible to tell if the platform is legit or a scam just from first looks.


For instance, the website known as, is a money making site that brought about excitement and enthusiasm to so many online earners. But now, there seems to be panic amongst members of the platform.

Why? Because lots of people have reason to believe that is not legit. People are worried, and they really want to know what is going on with this platform.


It is understandable to be worried. All money making platforms make promises to members. Promises that they don’t always fulfill. So the best advice that I can give to every single online earner out there, is to always read review articles about a particular earning site before making up your mind on whether to join or not.



Fcb789 Review came out not too long ago. Many have joined the platform already, some have probably cashed out, and a few are planning to cash out too. There are even those who are just getting to know about the platform.

Whatever category of person you are, it is important that you read this fcb789 review to the very end. Anyone who is truly interested in earning from the platform has to know literally everything about it.


Very recently, many have concluded that the site is illegitimate. And now they wish they never had anything to do with it. Some are still seeking answers to find out if the rumors are true.
Read to the end of this review, and you will get all the answers you need.


In this fcb789 review article, you will get to find out; How to withdraw, how to go about to logging in, the different ways to make money, and an answer to the frequently asked question “is legit or scam?”


Disclaimer: The earning site is not owned by us. The review article is only meant to create awareness, and pass out important info to all who are seeking answers.


How to make money on Fcb789

Making money on this platform doesn’t seem like much of a difficult task. However, making money on this platform is not entirely cheap. Apparently, members would need to make deposits before they can earn more. The site is regarded as an investment platform. And there are different investment packages.


Upon making investment in one of the different packages, you would have to wait for about a couple of days(estimately one week), before you can get back your investment amount and a little ROI(return on investment).


Note: Making investment in this platform is a risky one. Many members have acknowledged this fact.


Another way to further accumulate more earnings on the site would be by getting involved with referrals.

The referral method is one that involves getting new individuals to join the site with your referral link. The more referrals you get, the more referral earnings you accumulate.


Fortunately, the option to earn by referral doesn’t involve making any deposits(from your end). So it is a safer and smarter way to earn from this platform without worrying.


For those wondering, the referral bonus is actually a certain percentage of your referral’s earnings. So if he or she(the person you referred) doesn’t earn anything, you would likely not earn anything as well.


How to go about Fcb789 Login Process

To become a full fledged member of the platform, you would first need to go about the sign up process. A rather simple process by the way.


To start the registration process, click on a referral link if you have one. And if you don’t, just go to the website’s homepage, then find and click on ‘register now.’ This action will take you to fcb789 sign up page, and here you can simply provide all of your necessary information. Then submit immediately you are done.


The same goes for the login process. It is also very easy.
To login, first go straight to the homepage. Next, click on ‘My.’ It is underneath an icon at the bottom right corner of your screen(on the homepage).
Then on the login page, correctly provide your phone number and password. Finally, click on ‘log in now’ to submit.


How to withdraw from Fcb789

You can easily withdraw when you reach the threshold. I am not to sure what the least withdrawal threshold is, but it cannot be a huge amount for sure.
So, to place withdrawal you will simply need to login first(very necessary). Then find and click on withdraw, provide a correct bank account details, provide the amount you wish to withdraw, and then submit.


The withdrawal process should not take more than 24hours. If it does take more than 24hours, then chances are that you will not be getting your pay.
Many members have claimed they didn’t get their pay. Hence, our final verdict on this matter.


Is Fcb789 Legit or Scam?

Lots of people online can’t stop talking about not receiving their pay from the platform, and the platform owners are not giving any reasonable answers to justify why the payments are not coming in. It has become apparent that this platform is just like many other Nigerian money making sites. A ponzi scheme that doesn’t last long.


For those that are yet to join the site, do well to dodge this one. is not a legit platform. Desist from making any deposits into the site, because you would probably not get back your invested amounts. Talk-less of your ROI. Keep this info at the back of your mind!


Thanks for reading to the end of this article. And if you have any questions or remarks, then feel free to drop your comments below.


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