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Few months back, so many South Africans made lots of money from an online platform known as fortune auto. The website lasted for months before finally going into extinction. Ever since then, lots of online earners have been impatiently waiting for its return. Well, the goodnews is that there is a new platform that looks just like, and operates just like, fortune auto. The website is known as Scaniahub, and so many internet users are convinced that this platform is being operated by same owners of fortune auto. is a new money making platform for South Africans to earn in Rands daily. Although new, so many people have trooped in to sign up. Everyone has got high hopes for this one.


The funny part is, not everyone who signed up on the platform is even aware of how it works. Some new members of don’t even know what action will earn them money.
Well, you are lucky to be reading this review. Because this review article is information packed, and there is so much to learn on this page.



Scaniahub Review

Since the launch of scaniahub, the number of members keeps increasing by the hour. More and more people are getting interested in joining this earning platform. But unfortunately, no one seems to be providing detailed explanations of how the website works. It would be a shame if you joined and got stuck in the earning process. So to avoid this, we took it upon ourselves to provide a guide of how scaniahub works.


This review will be many things. To many, it will be an article with answers to many of their never ending questions. Including questions like: Who is the owner of the platform? How to go about scaniahub login process? Is legit or a scam? And many others.


While you go through the lines of this review article, do well to remain focused, and pay all of your attention to this writeup.


Note: This article about scaniahub was written to provide information, and to educate internet users with desires to earn online. Make no mistakes of thinking we aim to promote or advertise the earning website on this blog. We have no affiliation with whoever the owners of scaniahub may be. In fact, the owners are unknown!


How to Earn on is an online platform where you easily make money by depositing and investing in different investment packages. As usual, there is a long list of packages that vary in prices. The higher it is, the more money you can make.
On scaniahub, the minimum amount a member can deposit is R100. This will fetch you the sum of R30 daily for the next 50days. By the time this investment cycle is up, you will have gotten a sum total of R1500. As you can see, the return on investment is pretty huge. investment packages are up to twelve in numbers. A member can decide whichever package he or she wants to invest in. And interestingly, a member can decide to not invest in any of the packages but still earn money daily. This can be made possible with scaniahub referrals.


With referrals, you can make lots of money everyday. All you simply have to do, is get people who are willing and ready to invest in the platform. When they sign up using your referral link, and then proceed to invest, you will earn certain percentages from them.
If you want to start referring, simply log into your account dashboard, then click ‘referral program’ and copy your referral link from that page.


How to Withdraw on Scaniahub

If you have started earning on, your gaze will definitely be set on placing withdrawal. What you first need to know is that members are only allowed to withdraw when they have earned up to R100. If this is a feat you have accomplished then you should have no problems with placing withdrawal.


To withdraw, log into your account and click ‘withdraw.’ Then on the withdrawal page, type in the withdrawal amount, then provide your bank account details to receive your payment in no time.


How to go about Login or Sign Up Process

You literally have no idea how easy it is to sign up on scaniahub. The whole process takes just a few minutes of your time. And the best part has got to be the fact that the platform shows appreciation to all who join. There is a welcome bonus made available to all new members, and you too will definitely receive it after registration.


To start sign up process, head over to the homepage and click ‘sign up.’ Or simply click on a referral link to automatically land on the sign up page. Next, you will be asked to provide your phone number(must be a south african number), a password, and a referral code(this is optional). After providing all of that, click ‘submit.’

All these will be done in few minutes, and after completing the steps you will be given R10 welcome bonus.


As for login process, you can carry this out by first heading to the homepage. Next, select ‘login.’ And then on the login page, type in your phone number and password. Click submit to be taken to your account dashboard.



Is Legit or Scam

If the only reason why you are yet to sign up on scaniahub is because of the uncertainty that might be not be legit. Then it obviously shows that you are not a risk taker.


Well, taking the risk of depositing R100 is a big risk, and we advise against it. For now, no one is sure of how legitimate this platform is. So even if you want to give it a try, then it is safer to just earn by referrals rather than investing.
We do not know if is legit or scam, so it is best to be cautious with this new earning platform.


Thank you for reading to the end of this review article.


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