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Fintrak-ng Review: Is Fintrak-ng Legit? Full Details


As a Nigerian living in Nigeria, it is always important to grab every earning opportunity that you come across. Especially earning opportunities that will come stressfree. So, when it comes to earning without stress, the best way to achieve this is definitely by earning online. Meaning that if you have never earned online, then you are missing out on a lot! If you wish to earn online, then there is a couple of platforms to choose from. Luckily, it is a long list. In the list of online earning sites, one recommended platform is the recently launched Fintrak-ng site.


Fintrak-ng, or just Fintrak, is one of the lastest ways to earn online for people living in Nigeria. This platform has got really intriguing offers for internet users. So if you have been looking for a money making platform to dedicate to, then this might just be the perfect one. But before making any conclusions, let’s tell you all you need to know about and how the platform operates. Review

Only those with little or no experience in earning online will jump into just any earning platform they come across online. Especially when the platform has got to do with deposits and investments. If you hurriedly sign up on a platform like fintrak-ng without having all the necessary knowledge, chances are that you might regret being too hasty. To avoid regrets, it would be wise to know all about how the platform works first.

And this is why we highly recommend you read to the end of this fintrak-ng review article before taking any drastic action.


This review article will do all the unraveling for you. Usually, when a member joins a new earning site, they are often challenges or hurdles. But all these will be prevented once you read to the end of this review article. Also, for you readers with different questions and queries; For example; “is fintrak-ng legit or scam?” This article will give answers to your different questions.


Please note, This article is not meant to advertise or promote any earning website. Our purpose has always been to help provide quality contents to help online users know about the different earning sites that they are interested in.


Below is how you can make money on fintrak-ng.


How to Make Money on Fintrak

One thing to note about earning online, is that there are two types of earning websites. There is are earning sites that are 100%, and then there are earning sites that require deposits. Fintrak-ng falls in the category of earning sites that require deposits.
Members of this platform are required to make a minimum deposit of 3000Naira before they can begin earning daily.


There are actually a variety of investment packages, but 3000Naira is the least. And when you invest in the least package, you get to earn the sum of 450Naira daily. If you feel this is too small, you can earn more by investing in a higher package.

The investment cycle for all investments is twenty eight days.


You can make even more money on this website by getting yourself in referrals. That’s right! When you get referrals, there is more money to be made for you. The amount you receive for a successful fintrak referral is determined by how much your invitee invests. “The more investment users you invite, the more rebates you can earn.”


Pro tip: Do well to refer your rich friends. LOL.


How to Withdraw from Fintrak

If you start earning, you will definitely want to withdraw your earnings as quickly as possible, no matter how little you may have earned. Fortunately, this platform allows members to withdraw quickly. The minimum withdrawal amount is just 950. If you were to deposit in the cheapest investment package which allows you to earn 450Naira everyday, you should be able to place withdrawal in just three days time.


To withdraw on fintrak-ng, login and click ‘withdraw.’ Then on the withdrawal page, select your bank, provide your bank account details, and then submit the amount you wish to withdraw.


How to Carry Out Login or Sign Up Process

To carry out the sign up process, you won’t even spend up to five minutes. This can be done very easily. Firstly, go to the homepage. Next, select the option to register. On sign up page, type in your phone number, password, and a referral code. Then cross-check the details you provided before clicking ‘register.’


After completing fintrak sign up process, you will be taken straight to your account dashboard, and you can now begin to earn immediately. Meanwhile, you will notice the sum of 350Naira in your balance.

This is not a glitch or mistake. The platform actually gives welcome bonuses to all new members. So this 350naira is simply a generous gift used to welcome you into the platform. The bonus can be withdrawn, but only when you have earned up to the minimum withdrawal amount.


To login into your account, you just have to go to the homepage. The website’s homepage is also the same page to login. So getting to fintrak-ng login page should be no problem for you. Once you are on this page, type in your phone number and password. Then submit to gain access to your account.



Is Legit or Scam

Incase you didn’t get the memo, fintrak-ng is a new website. It was launched on the 28th of May, 2024. And as at the time this review article was written, the platform is still fresh and new. Like most Nigerian earning sites, new investment sites like fintrak-ng are legit only for a time being. If you are among the first sets of members, you will most likely earn from it.


So, if you want to give fintrak-ng a shot, do it now that the platform is still new. This platform will probably not last for long.
For those that have been asking, Is legit or scam? You have gotten your answer, right?


Thanks for reading to the end of this review.


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