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Introduction is a “pinnacle of wealth collaboration.” This is what you will find on the homepage of this popular Nigerian money making site. Of course the platform would claim that the site is something great, but is this what they really are?


Many folks on the internet have different things to say about
Some would say it is a platform sent from the heavens. These set of people are either those who have previously cashed out from the site in the past, or those who recently just joined the platform and are filled with enthusiasm. In few cases, those with sweet words about this platform are those who are desperately in need for referrals.


But to others, is a ponzi scheme with intensions of absconding with the money of innocent internet users. These set of people are those who are quite familiar with the ways of ponzi and pyramid websites.


There have been very few cases where some of these Nigerian ponzi schemes actually turned out to pay many members, and actually scammed no one. Is goviral going to be a website like that? Well, find out in this article you are reading.



Goviral Cash Review

This money making site was launched in the early days of 2024. The platform has been going on for a couple of months now, and is actually quite surprising that the site is still operating. This is because a high percentage of Nigerian ponzi sites do not stay around for so long. After just a month or two of operations, they end up shutting down. In doing so, they fail to pay most members. Thus, making them scam websites.


Goviral is in its fifth month of operation, and more and more people are joining the site everyday. Does this make a legit platform? Find out below.


In this review article, you will get to find out so many things. Not just the legitimacy of the platform, but also how the platform fully works. This includes, how members are able to make money, how members can withdraw, and a couple of other things as well.


Please note that, this article is only for the purpose of passing information. We do not own goviral, and we are also in no partnership or affiliation with the owner(s).
In fact, for some reasons, the owner is not known by anyone. He or she has remained anonymous since the platform was launched.


How to Make Money From Goviral Cash

This is a Nigerian money making platform where internet users are allowed to earn daily just by performing tasks and activities.


The site will give members different daily activities, and when these tasks are completed, the member will get rewarded with specific amounts of money.


The type of tasks on this site is just to share daily posts to your social media accounts. Once this is done, you instantly get your daily earnings.


Also, you can make money on via the usual referral earning method. It is quite common to see referrals on online earning websites, so by now everyone knows how referring works.
This website’s referral works the normal way, and members are rewarded for every successful referral gotten.


Unlike some earning sites, members of goviral are allowed to place withdrawal with or without getting referrals. It was starting to become a norm to see earning sites in Nigeria claim that members cannot withdraw without referrals. Fortunately, goviral isn’t one of such platform with such rules.


How to go about the Goviral Cash Login / Sign Up Process

If you are interested in joining goviral, then you should know that the website is not free to join. This means that without making payments first, you will not be allowed to carry out the sign out process.


Members must first make payment for a coupon code, and then insert this code while performing the sign up process.


To carry out the process, simply get yourself a referral link. Click on this link or go to the website homepage and click on ‘register.
On the registration page, provide your personal details and the coupon code you paid for. Then submit.


There will be a welcome bonus waiting for you in your account dashboard. However, the bonus cannot be immediately withdrawn because it is not up to the minimum withdrawal bonus.


As for logging in, it is important to always login everyday. This is because there is a bonus of daily logins, and if you don’t login daily you won’t be able to perform other tasks or keep an eye on your earnings.

So to login, just go to the website and click on ‘login.’ You will be taken to login page and all you have to do to get past this page is to provide your username and password.


How to withdraw from Goviral Cash

This platform will allow you withdraw your earnings anytime you want to, as long as you have reached the minimum withdrawal threshold. Also, there are talks about withdrawals not being available on weekends.


To place withdrawal, you only have to perform the easy login process, find your way to the withdrawal page, provide your account details(bank name, name attached to the bank, and bank account number), and then finally provide the amount that you desire to withdraw.


Is Goviral Cash Legit or Scam

As you already know by now, goviral is a ponzi scheme. And it is on very rare cases that you see Nigerian ponzi scheme websites not turn out to scam some of its members. In as much as you want to believe that this site might just be different, it actually won’t be any different. is a scam website. The owners of the platform hide their identities so that even they finally drop paying members, they won’t be easily traced. So desist from getting yourself involved with this money making site!
If you are already a member, do all you can to cashout, then wash your hands clean from the platform. You will be lucky to get paid once.


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