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As an adult, it is very necessary to know the importance of money in the modern society. Like some people would say; “Money rules the world.” While this quote is a figure of speech, it is actually very true if you understand what it means. Which is why, when you come across easy ways to earn money, you should never hesitate to try it out. All thanks to the internet, there are now many easy ways to earn money. And even interestingly, all these can be done remotely. Earning online is a blessing to mankind!


With the internet, we have been introduced to a new way to make money. This is by being a part of the platform known as
Henryza, or Henry as it is fondly called, is a money making site where members can earn in ZAR(South African Rands). So it is safe to say that people living in SA will be the ones gaining from this new website.


To know how henryza works, and how you can easily make money, read to the end of this review article.



Henryza Review

While seeking money, it is important to seek knowledge as well. Earning is even more easier when you have more knowledge of what you are doing. And this is why this review article was written.

This review article was written to impact knowledge on all those with interest in the earning site. To make money from a website you will need to first understand the website, how they operate, and how legitimate they are. Without knowing these things, you are bound to go through a heap of challenges as it is not all money making sites online that are worth joining.


There are people out there with little or no knowledge of how this website functions, but regardless they are doing the sign up process and joining the website without even knowing the first step to take when they are finally in their dashboard. Don’t be like those guys. Read this review to the end, and get to know all about earning site.


Please be informed that; We do not own the earning website. Information on this blog is only meant to help internet users, and not to promote or advertise the website. We are not affiliates or partners with the true owners!


How you can make Money from Henryza

Like you read earlier, this is a website where you can easily make money. This is not a lie. There is physical work to be done, or even intellectual work. Just easy and smooth online tasks that even a teen can handle with no hassle.


To make money on henryza, there are two things you can do. The first and more popular way to earn is the investment method.

On this site, members have the privilege to choose between different investment plans. Then whichever plan they like, they can decide to invest in it. The minimum investment is around R150. This will make you start earning back daily returns, and at the end of the investment cycle you are promised to get back way more than the amount that you invested.


If you don’t like investments, or you don’t feel like it, you can make money on henryza by referrals. All members on this site have their own unique referral link. And when someone signs up using your link, you immediately qualify to get certain percentage of their earnings. The more money they are making, you will keep getting around 10% of their earned revenue.


How to Withdraw from Henryza

Since this platform is for South Africans, and members earn in ZAR currency, it is normal to expect that all withdrawals can only be made to South African banks. If you don’t have a bank account, then you will not be able to withdraw.


This website has a minimum withdrawal of R100. And any member who has made up to the amount will be allowed to place withdrawal without any trouble. To withdraw, go to your account dashboard by logging in first. Then click ‘bank’ to provide your bank account details. Finally, request for your payment and you should get it in the next couple of hours.


How to Login or Sign Up on Henryza

To begin your earning journey, you already know that the first thing that must be done is the sign up process. If you don’t know how to, just get a referral link from a friend and click on it. This link will take you directly to the sign up page.
On sign up page, you will drop in your cell phone number, username, gmail, referral code and login password. Then click ‘sign up’ to finish.


If you are expecting to receive a welcome bonus when you finish signing up, you will end up disappointed. This platform doesn’t give welcome bonuses.


To login to your account and start working, you only need to go to the login page. And on this page, you only need to provide your cell phone number and password. Then hit the ‘sign in’ button. The whole process shouldn’t even take more than a minute if you have a good internet connection.
Note that; unlike some websites, henryza doesn’t reward members for daily logins. Although there are some free lucky draws that members can get sometimes.


Is Henryza Legit or Scam

A lot of members are convinced that this website is going to be a long-term investment website. Meaning that the site will be around for so long, and many people will make thousands and hundreds of thousands of Rands with the help of henryza. Well don’t get carried away. Even if the site is paying some members currently, they may stop paying anytime soon.


By the look of things, this looks like a ponzi scheme. And if this is true, then clearly is not a legit website. Investing in this platform is a risk. It is important to have this the back of your mind!


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