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Honest Review: Another Scam Ponzi Scheme? (Get Answers)


If you don’t have a job and you are broke, then the best thing to do is obviously look for a job. And if you are not unfortunate, and you don’t get any good job offers, then the next best thing to do is to hop on the internet and start earning online. Earning money online has changed the lives of so many people. Since the internet is limitless, there are so many ways to earn online without stress. Usually, it involves learning an online skill, and the putting the skill to very good use – an act known as freelancing. But now, having a freelance skill is not so important anymore.


With earning sites like, internet users are now guaranteed to make money online without having any knowledge of any sort of digital skills. Any one can now earn online easily, and this is all thanks to websites like Jdrghb.


Will you like to make money without any digital skills? If your answer is yes(and it should be), then read to the end of this review article to know more about this earning site.

Although you will not be needing any particular skill to earn on a website such as, you will however be needing info. Massive information on how the website works, and also the pros and cons of the earning site. Unfortunately, there are lots of con’s associated with websites like this one. So you really should stick around to ghe end of this review article, if you want to learn all about it.


The earning website is honestly not a complicated one. It is pretty straightforward and easy to understand. But this does not guarantee that members of the platform will have a smooth sail all through the experience. There could be a challenge or two waiting. Which is why this review article was written for you to fully understand the site and how it works. Please ensure you read this guide to the end.


NOTE: This article is meant for educational purposes only. The intention of this content, or any content on, is not to promote or advertise any money making site. We only desire to share information with the general public. Thank you.


How to Earn on or Jdr as it is often called, is a website where internet users earn money on a daily basis by performing easy tasks on the website. Do bear in mind that this is not a free website. Yes, it is free to sign up and join. However, earning on the site is not entirely free.


Members of jdr are required to make investments or deposits if they desire to earn daily sums of money. Think of it as a quick investment site. This is also known as ponzi schemes!


Just like the many other investment sites out there, on this site there are different investment packages too. The least package costs 21,000naira. This is the minimum investment a member can make. The higher the amount of your investment is will determine how much you will earn daily on Jdrghb.


Most members focus on depositing and investments. But asides investment, there is also the option to earn money by referral. Most people don’t take this option very seriously, but it is a smart way to earn much more than usual. When you refer on jdrghb, you get to be rewarded from the earnings of the people you invited. So the more money your invitees, the more the increase in your revenue even while you are doing no work.


How to Withdraw from

On this site, members are only allowed to go ahead with the withdrawal process after they have crossed the withdrawal threshold of 700naira. The withdrawal threshold is not really a large amount, so it is easy to reach it.


To place a withdrawal, you must first carry out login process. Next, you should click ‘withdrawal.’ Ensure you provide your correct account details, then provide the amount that you want to withdraw. Finally, submit and wait for your payment to arrive in a couple of hours.


How to Carry Out Login or Sign Up Process

Even after investing, you will need to perform the daily available tasks so you can get your daily earnings. So, it is necessary that you login into your account everyday. To login, go to the website homepage and head to the login page by clicking on literally anything. On the login page, your correct phone number and password will be required from you. Provide them accurately and then submit to get access to your account dashboard.

You won’t need to do this every time. Sometimes, the system will automatically log you into your account.


You can begin to earn only after you join jdrghb. And to join jdrghb, you must first carry out the sign up process. It is the first task required of you. So to join the site, go to the website and click ‘register now.’ This will lead you straight to the registration page.


On sign up page, fill in the boxes with your phone number, a code sent to your phone number(for verification), and a password of your choice. Then submit and become a member immediately. Unlike most earning sites, there is no welcome bonus of new members.


Is Legit or Scam?

Incase you didn’t know, jdrghb have been operating for over a month. The platform was launched in the month of March, in 2024. And for a while now they seem to have been paying members. This explains why most people are strongly believing that is legit.


But know that the website is merely a ponzi scheme. And based on experience, ponzi schemes don’t stay around for too long. In the long run, they eventually end up scamming most of their members. Meaning that there is a high chance that is a scam. Tell this to everyone you know.


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