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Honest Review: Find Out If Newsprofit Is Legit or Scam


If you live in Nigeria, then there is a huge possibility that you need every extra cash you can get. Every Nigerian is well aware of how the country is tough at the moment. So even those with good jobs will definitely appreciate getting a side hustle. So as a Nigerian looking for a side hustle, perhaps the best thing to consider is an online money making platform. And a platform to set your eyes on can be the new earning site known as Newsprofit.


It is not entirely easy to make money in Nigeria, so one of the best possible ways to earn without stress has got to be by engaging in online platforms. And is an online platform with no stress at all. Members of this platform are allowed to earn everyday, and registration to join is 100% free.
Rather than complain and sulk all day and night that the country’s economy is declining, get yourself busy by earning online daily!

If this interests you, then stick to the end of this review. To find out more about how the platform works. Review

So many people are convinced that newsprofit is a scam. Others believe the exact opposite. This is not something new, because anytime a new earning site is launched, there are those with lots of optimism for the site and there are those who, despite not even giving the platform a try, have strong belief that it is a total waste of time and a scam.


This therefore means that so many people have been wondering and asking; “Is newsprofit legit or scam?” Well, this review article will be giving you answer to this very question. And that’s not all. For those who have already joined, or have made up their mind of joining, you may probably be asking yourself questions like – How can one withdraw? What is the minimum withdrawal amount? Can members sign up for free? And many others. In this review article, all of these questions will be answered in details.


As you read on, bear in mind that this review article is only meant to educate and pass information to those who have interests in joining news profit. This article is not meant to advertise or promote any earning site.


How to Earn Money

When it comes to earning on newsprofit, there honestly are no tough tasks. Every action that will earn you money can be done easily and quickly. Starting with ‘news reading.’


This may sound hard to believe, but members of this platform are rewarded for reading news published on their website. Even though this is not the first time we are seeing something like this, it is rather surprising to see that a platform gives members money when they read news. And the best part has to be the fact that members of don’t have to pay for anything.


News profit gives members 50Naira for every news they read. They give 50Mb for daily login, give 50Naira for every comment made on a news article, and 150Naira for every news shared by a member. Like we mentioned at the beginning of this article, there are no stressful tasks on this earning platform.


Finally, members are given the privilege to earn referring new members into the community. For every successful newsprofit referral gotten, you will get a bonus of 250Naira. And you can get as many referrals as you can. So the best way to accumulate higher earnings has got to be by getting referrals.


How to Withdraw

It goes without saying that when you join a platform like newsprofit, your goal is to withdraw as quickly as possible. On this platform, withdrawal is only made possible for members that can earn up to a total of 20,000Naira. This is no doubt, a very high amount to reach. Especially since members earn ‘peanuts’ for the tasks they perform.

However, if you do manage to earn up to the above stated amount, you can proceed with your withdrawal process but only on the 5th and 22nd day of the month. So many rules just to make a withdrawal. Sigh.


To withdraw on newsprofit, log into your account and click ‘withdraw funds.’ Since you already provided your bank account details when signing up, the rest of the withdrawal process is quite easy.


How to Perform Login / Sign Up

To perform sign up process, you can get started by going to the homepage.


On the homepage, click on the menu icon and select ‘register.’ This will take you to the sign up page, and on this page you will be asked to type in your personal details which includes your bank account number too. After providing them all, submit and you will be taken to your dashboard. On your dashboard, you will see 1500Naira earnings and 250Mb. This is your welcome bonus for registering on news profit.


On news profit, daily logins will earn you more revenue. So it is important to login everyday if you wish to take the platform seriously. To login on this platform, you merely have to go to the site’s homepage first; Then click on the menu icon and select ‘login.’ Then on the login page, you will have to provide your username and correct password. This easy steps will earn you the sum of 50Naira everyday.


Is Legit or Scam

After doing all the available tasks on the platform, and struggling to reach the withdrawal threshold, the main thing to worry about is if you will get paid. Does newsprofit pay members? This is a question most members have been asking. Well the chances of getting paid by this platform is quite high. But it is worth giving a try, because this platform is not one that requires making any deposit or investment.


So give it a shot, and get to find out by yourself the answer to the question, “is newsprofit legit or a scam”
But for now, there is a possibility that news profit is not legit. We are yet to see people who have gotten paid by the platform.


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