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Did you know that you can easily make money from the internet without any skillset? All you need is a good ability to be able to read, and you are all set to earn money daily. Of course, it is not as easy as it sounds. But do not make the mistake of thinking it is such a hard task to accomplish. Thanks to how vast the internet is, there are more and more undiscovered earning sites that you can join and earn from. It doesn’t matter if a larger percentage of money making sites are actually scams. Be an optimist, and do good research. And in no time, you will be earnings cool cash from the comfort of your home.


Speaking of earning from the comfort of your home, there is a newly discovered earning site for Nigerians. A site that promises folks on the internet, that they can easily make money from the comfort of their home if they simply join the website. This platform is called, and many Nigerians are wasting no time in a registering.

Will you also like to register on Review

No matter how desperate you are, hurriedly joining a new money making platform is not a smart move to make. Before joining the site, it is important to always know how the website operates, and if it is a website that would be favorable to you. Many online earning websites are also known to attract lots of members, just to end up scamming them at the end of the day. You wouldn’t want that, would you?


So to avoid being scammed or joining an earning site that isn’t favorable, the best action to take is to make research and find out all about the website. So in this review article, we will be helping you to understand how this website operates. is a new earning site. Meaning that it probably has a mode of operation that you are not familiar with. So instead of blindly registering on the site and hoping to figure things out as you progress, simply read everything here, and get to find answers to challenges that you will most likely encounter eventually. Be assured that this review article will be helpful to you.


How to Make Money From

If you are interested in inventrobots live because you seek to earn millions of Naira, then you really should consider finding another platform. This is because this platform cannot earn you such huge amounts of money. It is more of a ‘side hustle’ platform. These kinds of sites earn you little cash. For example, the first and easiest way to make money on inventrobots is by daily logins. And daily login rewards is just fifty Naira. As you can see, it is a really small amount of money.


Not to worry though, because that is not the only way to make money on!
Members can also earn by depositing/recharging. This is an investment website where you put in money before you can make more money. And on this site, you can invest as low as 3,200naira. You can also invest more than the above amount too. For sure, the higher your investment, the higher daily earnings you will receive.


Lastly, you can earn on this site by getting as many referrals as possible. Most people, especially those with large social media platforms, like the option to earn by referral. If you could convince a large group of people to sign up on inventrobots live, using your referral link, then you are bound to earn lots of money from this new earning site.


How to Withdraw from

As expected you will be curious to want to know how withdrawal works. First you must note that this platform has a minimum withdrawal amount. The amount is not high though. It is just 1,000naira. If you invest in one of the numerous plans, you should be able to reach the withdrawal threshold in no time.


To place a withdrawal, you only have to login and find the ‘withdraw’ page. On this page, you will need to provide your bank account details and the amount you desire to withdraw.


How to Login or Sign Up on

It is important to login daily on the platform. Like we mentioned earlier, the site will give you 50naira for every daily login. So, ensure you always login.
To perform login process, you only have to go to the website homepage. Interestingly, the homepage is the same as the login page because it is on this page that you will be asked to provide your phone number and your password.

Once you login, you will instantly be given your daily login reward. It is a small amount of money, but at least it still counts as money bonus.


If you want to join inventrobots but don’t know how to, then here are the simple steps to perform it. First, you can either get yourself a referral link or you can go to the site homepage. With the referral link, you will instantly be taken to the sign up page. But on the homepage, you will need to click ‘register.’

On sign up page, you will be asked to provide your phone number, referral code, and password. Once you have typed all of this, click ‘sign up.’ After completing this, you will be welcomed with a bonus of 300naira.


Is Legit or Scam?

Incase it wasn’t made clear in any part of this article, inventrobots is obviously a ponzi website. And everyone knows better than to trust a ponzi scheme. This should answer the question on whether the platform is legitimate.


For now, the website is paying members. Lots of social media users have been flaunting earnings and claiming they got paid by inventrobots live. But this doesn’t mean the platform will always remain like this. Things may change, and they will most likely stop paying their members. Beware of this.


Thanks for reading all of this review article. Drop a comment below if you have any.


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