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Even if you have a certain source of income that earns you money every month, it is still wise to get involved with online money making sites. This helps you earn more money without doing much work. A lot of people do it, and it this is really beneficial because unforseen expenses may arrive. In Nigeria today, there is a high rate of unemployment, so whether you have a job or not, it is better to remain self employed by getting involved in different legit earning sites. For example, the new earning site known as costafarm is one to take a good look at. is a new earning site made for Nigerians to make money easily. It doesn’t matter if you already have a job that pays you monthly, weekly, or daily. If you join a platform like, you are likely to increase your financial status. Would you like to know more about this earning platform? If yes, then stick to the end of this platform and you will get all the information you need. Review

There are so many questions people have to ask about this platform. Especially questions that have to do with the legitimacy of the site. Can you really blame people for asking? Of course not! In the past, so many platforms that operates just like costafarm were scam platforms. So now people want to be vigilant, and not have to waste their precious time all in the name of trying to earn online.


Well dear readers, you have nothing to worry about. This review article will reveal all you need to know about the earning site, including how legitimate we believe this platform is. Simply read to the end to get all the answers you seek.

If you are already a member of costafarm, then this article will guide you in taking the right steps as well. Got anything confusing you? This writeup has got you covered. Just keep reading!


Disclaimer alert! Please note that this writeup is meant to educate all who have interest in the costafarm earning site. This is not a promotional content. We have no intention of promoting or advertising this, or any money making platform. We also do not own the platform. Keep this in mind.


How to make money?

First and foremost, it is important to note that this is an investment platform. For those of you who prefer to stay away from investment platforms(with good reasons), well then this would mean that is one to stay far away from. The main way to earn on this site is by depositing and investing in one of the numerous packages made available.


Costafarm investment claims that they “specialize in rice farm investments, aiming to help you grow your wealth sustainably.” Meaning that, when members make investments they are actually investing in rice farms. This doesn’t seem true because it takes between three to six months for a rice to reach maturity. However, the investment cycle on costafarm earning site is just 60days.


Anyways, there are different investment packages ranging from 4,200Naira to 100,000Naira. Whichever you choose to invest in will decide how much money you will make back daily. The higher the investment package, the higher your daily earnings.


That’s not the only way to make money on costafarm investment. Members can also earn via referrals. When you refer a person, you get 10% of their invested sums. And whomever you refer will also get 420Naira for joining the platform.


How to Withdraw?

When you newly sign up on this platform, you will find the sum of 420Naira in your account wallet. You may then have wondered if it was possible to withdraw this sum of money. The answer is no! And this is because the least amount that can be withdrawn is 1,000Naira. If you earned 1,000Naira or more, you can simply go ahead with adding your bank account details first. Next, click ‘withdrawal’ and request for your payment. The platform will charge you 7% for gas fee, and then you should receive the rest of your complete earnings.


Steps to Achieve Login or Sign Up Process is a platform that gives a sign up bonus of 420Naira. This makes it easier to reach the withdrawal threshold, which is just 1,000Naira. If the thought of this interests you then you should get started by carrying out the registration process. To do this, get yourself a referral link and click on it or just get yourself to the homepage of the website.


On sign up page, provide your phone number, password, a referral code(84539E81), and a strong enough password that no one knows. Then hit the ‘submit’ button to finish the registration process.


Just like signing up, login process is also just as easy. Maybe even easier! Once you get to the homepage of this website, if you don’t get redirected to your account dashboard then you will be taken to the login page. Then the only thing you will have to do is provide your accurate phone number and email address. Then click ‘submit.’ It would literally take you a minute to start and finish the login process. And the whole thing is entirely stress-free.


Is Legit or Scam?

Some people are yet to know if costafarm is legit or not, but they have proceeded to make investment in the platform regardless. This wasn’t a very smart move to make. It is very important to know how legit an earning site is, before making a step as drastic as investment.
Well in the case of costafarm investment, this platform is still rather new. The platform has yet to convince us that it is legit, as there is no one coming forth to show payment proofs yet.


There is a high chance that is not legit. This platform seems like a scam. And obviously ponzi scheme that will probably not last. Dear readers, remain vigilant and never be in a haste to make any deposits/investments!


Thank you for reading to the end. Comment below if you have anything to say.


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