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Is Legit Or a Scam Platform? Get Answers


The reason why some people have chosen to stay far away from making money online, is because they believe that it is impossible to earn online without having to pay a particular fee or make a certain amount of of money all in the name of investment. The truth is, most earning sites will ask you to make investments, but not all earning sites make this a compulsory action. For instance, the new earning website known as fishbayfarm is currently accepting in new members. This platform is free to join, has no sign up fees. And members can freely earn without having to invest if they don’t want to.


So if all these while, you had the mindset that websites like fishbayfarm do not exist, then you probably haven’t been doing your research right. In fact, there are so many websites that can allow you earn without requiring you to drop a dime of your money. But in this article, our focus will only be on!

If you are interested in earning online without spending, then ensure you read this article to the very end. Review

Instead of wasting your time by doing irrelevant things on the internet, you can simply join a website like, and you can get the opportunity to earn free money everyday. Will you be needing to perform any physical tasks? No! Will you be needing any digital skills? Not at all! Will you necessarily need to invest? No you won’t.
There should be no valid reason why you should not be interested in being a member of the platform. Seriously, you are likely to gain massively from this earning platform. Think about it!


This review article will help you better understand how the website works, and how you can avoid challenges as a member. If you have intentions of joining fishbayfarm, or if you have already joined, then this review article is meant to help you in so many different ways.


Please note that; This article is not promoting or advertising fishbayfarm! We do not own the earning site, and we do not have any form of partnership or affiliation with the owners of the site. So bear in mind that this review is only meant to be provide info on how the earning site operates.


For those who would like to know who the owner is, well the owner of is said to be one Gerald De Freitas. He is a South African with a degree in Tourism and Catering. And apparently, this earning site is said to be his first ever online company. All these info was gotten from their official website.


How to Earn?

To make money, you can start with referrals. This is a popular, but smart and quick way to earn money, especially when the earning site is new. Since not so many people have joined this website, you can go about with your fishbayfarm referral link, then share the link with different online folks. So that when they register with your link, you get referral bonuses.


To make more money, you can choose the free product option. When you do this, you get to earn R6 daily everyday for twenty days. This is yet another free way to make money on this website.


And then finally, there is the investment scheme. This is simply choosing a product that will cost you money. When you do so, you are required to make a deposit on the platform. You can invest in any of the different products starting from R90. You will then get back R11 everyday for forty five days. But bear in mind that the higher your investment, the higher your daily earnings.
Also remember that this is a website where investments is not compulsory. You can always choose to earn without depositing on the website.


How to Withdraw?

Members of fishbayfarm are allowed to place withdrawals within the hours of 8am to 4pm. The least amount a member can withdraw is said to be R60. So if you have up to the said amount, you can login to your account and click ‘bank details.’ On this page, you will need to provide your accurate bank account details. And when you are done doing that, go back to the previous page and click ‘withdraw.’ Then type in the amount you wish to withdraw.


How to Perform Login or Sign Up Process?

On this website, it is actually simple to register and immediately start earning. To register, get yourself a referral link or get yourself to the homepage.
A referral link will easily get you to sign up page. And on this page, you will be required to provide just your phone number, a password of your choice, and a referral code. If you clicked a referral link before getting to the sign up page, a referral code will automatically be inserted for you.


After completing the registration process, you may then begin earning on the same day. This website doesn’t give out sign up bonuses, unfortunately for the members.


As for the login process, a member can easily login to his account by heading to the login page first. Then providing the correct phone number and password he/she used while signing up on the website. It shouldn’t take more than a minute to carry out this simple process.


Is Legit or Scam?

Before we began writing this fishbayfarm review article, we spent hours doing research, and in the process got to find out that there are some payment proofs flying about on the net. Apparently, this website has been paying members. Not surprising though, almost all new earning sites are known to pay their members.


But those this mean is legit? No, this is not a guarantee! Some earning sites are known to pay members when they just launch, but as they get older they stop paying members. So this is a warning that even if you are going to get involved with this platform, at least don’t make any investments. So that you don’t risk losing money.


Thanks for reading to the end. Drop comments below if you have questions.


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