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Hourvip Review: Is Legit or Scam? Get Answers


For people living in South Africa, there is really great privilege they have got. The privilege of getting to see more and more earning platforms sprout up everyday. For some countries, earning sites are not so common. But in SA, there is a whole bunch of them to choose from. And the best part about this, is that most of these sites are free of charge. There are free sites that will earn you little amounts, and there are investment sites that will earn you as much money as you invest. People living in SA can always choose to register on the kind of site they like, and begin earning whenever they want. In this article, we get to talk about a new earning site made mainly for South Africans. This website is called is yet another newly launched platform with claims that internet users can earn lots of money from them. The site is one that can be joined for free, and members are promised that they can earn money every hour. Would you like to know more about this site? This article will tell you everything. Read to the end.



Hourvip Review

There is a high chance that you know very little about this new earning site. Why? Because we said, it is ‘new.’ Not so many people even know the site exists yet. And for the few who know about it, the only thing they are sure of is that this website can possibly earn you cool cash. This is true, the site ‘may’ earn you money. Probably lots of money. But still, you will have to fully understand how the site works before you can successfully make money.


This review article will be of great help to you. As this article will be helping with explanations regarding different aspects of this platform. You have questions, or you may have challenges, and this is where we step in. With a solution for you. All you just have to do, is to read to the end of this review writeup.


Also, you will definitely want to know if hourvip is legit or a scam. This article also talks about that. Want the answer to the question? Then just keep reading.


How to Earn From Hourvip

The instant you sign up on hourvip, you immediately begin to earn money. What this means is that members are welcomed with the sum of R50. This money is just a way to find favour of the eyes of their members. Unfortunately, the bonus cannot be withdrawn just as immediately.


Making money on this site is not difficult at all. All members are allowed to earn daily. Even hourly. As a member of the site, when you login to your account every hour, it is said that you will be rewarded with R10. To earn more money, you can decide to go through the variety of investment packages, and then invest in any one that you find most appealing.

You do realize that investing is not necessary on this platform. You can make money without making deposits. So think twice before investing.


As a way to make more money, there is the option to invite or refer members. This is a way to make money and not get involved with investments. For every successful referral, you will be rewarded with the sum of R15. If you do a quick math, you will realize that ten referrals will earn you R150. If you don’t see this as a quick and easy way to make money, then that’s a big problem.


How to Withdraw From Hourvip

The thing about this platform is that they made it so that members have to increase their withdrawal limit. For new members, the withdrawal limit is set to R0. Meaning that new members of the hourvip cannot withdraw. However, when you get your first hourvip referral, your withdrawal limit is set to R15. Also, if you were to make a deposit of R100, your withdrawal limit will then be increased to R500.
The more tasks you perform, the more your withdrawal limit will keep increasing.


To place a withdrawal, get your account details ready then to the withdrawal page by clicking ‘request withdrawal.’ Then type in the amount you desire to withdraw.


How to perform Hourvip Sign Up and Login Process

Are you interested in getting the sign up bonus? If your answer is yes, then you need to get started with the registration process immediately. To carry this out, get yourself a referral link and click on it. This will lead you to the sign up page, and this page will ask you to provide your full name, email, currency, and a password. Once all these have been provided, click ‘complete sign up.’ This simple action will earn you R50 immediately you are done.


Logging in is essential if you want to earn hourly on hourvip. So to login, simply find your way to the login page. You can do so by going to the homepage and selecting the ‘login account’ option. And then on the login page, just provide your email and password. Then click ‘sign in.’


Is Hourvip Legit or Scam?

For your information, there are a couple of red flags about this platform. First, there is the issue of hidden owners. No one has a hint of who the owner or ceo of this earning site is. Secondly, it should be addressed that hourvip is giving false information to all members. On the homepage, they claim the platform has over ‘14440 registered users.’ This is obviously not true, as the platform only just launched very recently.


For these reasons, this earning site cannot be fully trusted. And a site that isn’t trusted is usually seen as a scam website. For those that have been asking if is legit or a scam, well we ask you not to give this platform a 100% of your trust. Keep this in mind.


Thanks for reading to the end. And drop comments below.


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