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Incyte-ng Review: Is Legit or Scam?


Everyday that a new money making platform is launched, your chances of earning money online increases by a certain percentage. Don’t be upset over the fact that there are too many online earning sites. Even though some of them are scams, be an optimist and believe that there is at least one of the numerous earning site that will definitely pay you for your efforts.
Having said that, let’s now have a look at one of the recently launched platforms that internet users are excited to join. This platform is known as Incyte-ng. Have you signed up yet?, or Incyte, is another easy way to earn money online for Nigerians. Although it doesn’t seem like one of those platforms that can earn you millions and make you extremely rich, it does seem like a platform that is good enough for side hustles.

If you would like to know more about, read this incyte-ng review to the very end. And ensure you don’t skip any part. Review

In this incyte-ng review, you will be taught so many things that you previously didn’t know about the website. And that includes those of you that are already members of the platform too. Many explanations will be provided, and many answers will be dropped as well.


For readers with questions, here are some of the questions we will be answering; “Is legit or scam? How to go about incyte-ng login process? How to cash out? Who is the owner of the earning site? And so much more.


Once again, do well to read to the end of this detailed review article.


How to Make Money on Incyte-ng

Incyte-ng is a website where you can earn money even if you are at home, school, workplace, or place of worship. Wherever you are, or whatever you are doing, you can casually still be earning daily with this earning site. This is because it is very easy to earn, and not much work is required to be done.


How can you earn? You can earn by basically choosing an investment package of your choice, and depositing in it. Then everyday, you will get back daily earning till the investment cycle completes.
On, members can invest as little as 2500Naira, and they will get back 575Naira daily profit everyday for 40days straight. This is the minimum of all the packages made available on incyte investment website. The other packages cost more money, but they also offer high daily returns.


Disclaimer: We must warn you that investing in any online website is a risky move. Only invest as much as you can afford to lose!


Another way to make money on incyte-ng is by referring new folks into the program. When a new member signs up using your referral link, there is a bonus that will be given to you for this action. You can earn lots of money everyday even if you do not invest. Just refer as many people as possible!


How to Withdraw from

If you want to place a withdrawal on this platform, you have to know that the minimum amount all members are allowed to withdraw is 1000Naira. Anyone with less than this in his earnings will not be allowed to place a withdraw.
To withdraw on incyte-ng, log into your account and click ‘withdraw.’ Then when you get to the withdrawal page, type in your bank account details and the amount you desire to withdraw.


How to go about Login or Sign Up Process

To perform the sign up and login process can be done easily. First for incyte-ng sign up process, get yourself a referral link and open it in your browser. You will find yourself in the sign up page, and all that is required of you in this page is to type in your phone number and a password. That’s all. After this, you will receive a welcome bonus of 200Naira. It cannot be withdrawn immediately.


It is literally the same for the login process too. To login, go directly to the site’s homepage. You will get redirected to login page. Then all you need to do is type in your phone number and password. Then submit!



Is Legit or Scam

The honest truth is that some may get paid by this platform, but not all incyte-ng members will get paid. Unfortunately, this is a ponzi scheme, and they don’t last for too long. Eventually this website will ‘crash.’ So if you want to give this platform a try, then do so with fingers crossed.


For those asking, Is legit or scam? The plain truth is, incyte-ng is not legit!


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