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No one is perfect, but the real imperfect folks are those still wasting their time by being online 24hours everyday and not earning a dime for their online presence. By now everyone should already know that the internet is a financial well. Lots of money can be made from the net, so why not get into action and start earning as much money as you can. And if you need a website to start with, then the list of sites you should consider should be earning sites that were launched not too long ago. For example, the new earning site called Makemoney11., as the name implies, is a website strictly for making money online. It was discovered very recently, and members who are already earning from the site have been singing songs of praises about how really great this platform is. Although these praises may have something to do with they wanting you to signup using their referral link, it is still worth noting that makemoney11 might just be a great platform to become a member of. Review

Even if a friend tells you to join because he is certain that the platform pays, it is still important to do a good research online before joining. As you probably already know, many money making sites on the net are not legit. Well some are in fact legit, but you are likely to come across the scam platforms more often. So this should make you question every earning site you come across, including makemoney11 as well. is a website that is being hyped by many internet users. However, this shouldn’t make you just hurry off to the sign up page and begin registering. There are lots of things you may need to know about the website before you begin steps to make you a member. And even those who are already members are yet to know a thing or two about this newly launched site. So it is very important to read to the last line of this review article. As this review article will help you better understand the earning site.


Please Note: We do not own the platform. And more importantly, this article is not meant to promote or advertise them.


How to Make Money

This may sound surprising to you, but to make money on, you wouldn’t need to make any deposits or investments. It really surprising, because a large percentage of earning sites of these days will ask you to make deposits first. But on makemoney11, no such acts are done. So be rest assured that you won’t be losing any money if you are to get involved with this platform.


The main way to make money on this website is by Referrals. If you do not know what referral is, it is simply the act of inviting people to register on a platform that they are not already on. But note that when inviting a person, you must give them your personal referral link which you can get from your dashboard.
Your makemoney11 referral link is what makes a referral count. When a person signs up using your link, you immediately get rewarded for the action.


“How many referrals is a member allowed to have in one day?” This is the best part! There are no limits. So you can aim for even a hundred successful referrals in one day, you will get rewarded for all.


Another way to earn is by performing the available tasks. The tasks can be as simple as saving whatsapp contacts on your phone. If you do the job right, you will be rewarded for it as well.


How to Withdraw from

For you to be able to place withdrawal on makemoney11, you must first have a total of 6trx accumulated earnings. This platform pays members in TRX. So if you want to get paid, you can get paid in TRX or directly to your bank account.
Note: Only Nigerian Bank Accounts are accepted.


To place withdrawal, you need to first login to your account. Then select ‘account withdrawal.’ After that, select the method you will like to get paid(between trx and bank account). Then type in the amount you wish to withdraw. Finally, click submit.


How to Perform Login or Sign Up Process

If you want to join and start making money immediately, then all you need is a referral link that will take you to the sign up page. Don’t have a referral link, then go to the homepage and click on ‘register.’ This will take you to sign up page, and this is the page where you will need to provide your desired username, a password of your choosing, and referral code(5r2upy). After all of these have been provided, click on ‘register now.’


Completion of the sign up process will earn you a sum of 1Trx. Of course you cannot just withdraw it immediately, because the minimum withdrawal is 6trx.


As for login process, this action is pretty simple to complete. To login, go to the homepage. This page already has boxes for you to type in your username and your password. Once you have done this, click on ‘login’ and you will be taken to your earnings dashboard. You can then begin earning.


Is Legit or Scam

Many people are hesitating to join this lovely earning site. But be rest assured folks, because makemoney11 is legit and paying! This earning site has paid to many members, and people have been dropping payment receipts everywhere on the internet. If you haven’t already started earning on makemoney11, then you should now!


For those stil asking; “Is legit or scam?” Enough of the questions and get to work now. As at the time this review article was written, the site is currently legit. Spread the word to your family and friends immediately. This ‘may’ not last long.


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