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Is Ngmgm Legit? Honest Review


Everyone living in Nigeria at the moment knows that the country is not at its best economic state right now. Earning money in Nigeria is hard, and getting jobs is even harder. But the good thing is that at least there are online jobs that are available for people living in Nigeria. Hundreds of these earning sites can be joined for free, and it is an opportunity that should not be overlooked. Every Naira counts, so everyone should strive to make as much money as they can.

How can you earn money online in Nigeria? You can do so by joining websites like!


Ngmgm is a Nigerian earning website that can be joined for free. So many Nigerians have joined already, and there have been lots of praises about this site. Which is why it is worth having a good look at. If you desire to make money online, then you ought to know about this platform and how it works. So read this review article, and get all the answers you need.



Ngmgm Review

You may or may not be aware of this, but not everyone who earns online is a fraudster. Many Nigerians are known to stereotype online earners. They tag all of them as criminals. But little do most folks know that some people earn lots of money online just by doing small and easy tasks on websites likr, and in my experience, those who earn lots of money from these types of platforms prefer to keep it to themselves.


You can also start making lots of money online without any digital skills or services, but before you will be able to achieve this, you must first learn about the platform you want to dive into. So in this ngmgm review article, you will get updated on all there is to know about this Nigerian earning site. You will get the pros and cons, the ways to earn, the ways to cash out, and so many more.


While you read through the lines of this educative content, please keep this in mind; This article is meant to be an advertisement for the website. This article is not promoting this earning site either. We do not own the platform, so this writeup is only meant for educative purposes.


How to Make Money on the Platform

Every eligible member of the earning site is privileged to earn in more than one way. To start making money quickly and fast, you can just login to your dashboard, then find the page that has your ngmgm referral link. Copy the link. And begin sharing the link with anyone you come across on the internet. referral is the fastest way to earn on the site. When you invite someone and they register by clicking on your link, this counts as a successful referral. And every successful referral earns you 500Naira. But as you refer more and your referrals start earning, you will be given percentages from their earnings.


Not only will you earn when you refer someone, whoever signs up will also get a bonus of 1000Naira. So do well to include this when convincing a person to sign up using your referral link.


There is also the investment earning method. This platform has got different investment plans with prices that range between 3,500naira to 1million Naira. The investment has a span of forty nine days, and within this time period a member will be able to earn money everyday till he/she earns more than the invested amount.
You can check out how the plan works when you go over to the website.


How to Login and Sign Up

Members who are logged out of their account should never be worried. What you simply have to do is login back, and this can easily be done. To begin, go to the homepage of the website. Next, select the sign in option. This will take you to ngmgm login page. And on this page the only thing you need to do is provide your phone number and your correct password. Once provided, click ‘sign in’ and you will then find yourself in your account dashboard.


You do know that if you want to start making money on ngmgm, you must first register, right?
So to begin registration process you can use a friend’s referral link, or you can find your way to the website homepage. Then choose the ‘sign up’ option and you will get taken to the page where you can begin signing up.

On sign up page, fill in the boxes with your phone number, password, and referral code. Then submit and become a member at once. You will be given your welcome bonus of 1000Naira. And yes, you can use the money to invest in one of the plans/packages available.


How to Withdraw

One of the admirable features of this platform, is that they made the withdrawal threshold a fair amount. The sum of 3500Naira is not too large to reach, so members who succeed at acquiring this amount of revenue will be allowed to place withdrawal without any trouble at all.


To withdraw on ngmgm, you will need to login first. Next, you will need to click ‘my,’ and then select ‘withdraw’ option. You should make sure you have previously added your bank details so that all you will need to do now is provide the amount you wish to withdraw.


Is Ngmgm Legit or Scam?

Many Nigerian earning sites turn out to be scams, so it is not surprising that most people cannot stop asking this million dollar question, “is legit or a scam website?” Well this website seems like a ponzi scheme. The investment earning option says it all. But you can decide to earn without having to make any investments. Just focus solely on referrals, and you won’t be able to get scammed.


Are you a member that have been paid by ngmgm before now? If you have, then drop a comment below.


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