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Is Peritia Legit? Detailed Review


Very recently, there have been talks and maybe even slight arguments about an earning site known as Peritia(or PRT as some would call it). A lot of people on the internet have been dropping different takes of what they think about the earning site. Many are convinced that this is a big scam, and chances of not getting paid anymore is close to Zero. But there are the optimistic ones that are still believing that is legit, and will still pay members.


About a month ago, there were barely arguments about the site being legit or not. But recently, the earning website has been acting up and giving different excuses to members who want to place withdrawal. All in all, the million dollar question is; “Is Peritia Legit or a scam?”

Many members will like to know the answer to this question, especially those who are just recently joining the platform. Well, if you have come seeking answers then answers you shall find.

Read this review to the end, and you will be glad you landed on this page today.



Peritia Review

If you are reading this article right now, and you know little to nothing about the peritia earning platform, then you shouldn’t be worried about anything. This review article is meant for both newbies and professionals. Everyone who reads this to the end will definitely benefit from this writeup. So stick around.


You reading this article, you probably have lots of questions running through your mind. Questions like; When was peritia launched? How does Peritia work? Who is the owner of the platform? How to go about peritia login process? And so many different questions. As you read through the lines of this review article, you will realize that all of these questions, and more, will be answered in the most understandable way possible. is actually not a complicated platform. You should be able to understand everything with ease.


An important piece of info for all you readers: Please note that platform is not owned by us. This review article is just to help you members and prospective members better understand the earning site. Also, this article has no affiliate links in it. This clearly tells you that we are in no affiliate relationship or partnership with the owner of peritia.


How does Peritia Work

If you want to make money on, then first thing you should know is that this is not one of those free earning platforms you may have gotten involved with in the past. This site is one that asks members to first make a payment during the sign up process. If you are cool with making the payment, you may then begin your earning journey.


Members of this platform are privileged to earn in U.S Dollars. You get paid $1 for every task you perform. Do note that there are different tasks available, so you can earn more than $1(1000Naira) in a day.


Asides the tasks, another way to make money on peritia is by referrals. On this website, referrals have now been made compulsory. Initially, you don’t need to refer before you can place a withdrawal. But now, the new policy is that no member will be allowed to withdraw without have a couple of successful peritia referrals.

To refer, find and copy your link from your account dashboard, then share the link about to your friends and families on the net. When they sign up using the link, peritia pays you $4.1(4100Naira) for this act. You can refer as many people as possible. Every referral act will not go unnoticed.


How to Withdraw

When it comes to withdrawal, this is usually where most members seem to be having complaints. Apparently, members of peritia platform cannot just withdraw on any day of their choosing. There are specific days when you can place withdrawals, and the least amount a member is allowed to withdraw is $35.


To place your withdrawal, login to your account dashboard on the said withdrawal date(and time), then fill in the necessary info that you are asked(your bank account details). Ensure to keep your fingers crossed while carrying out the whole process, you will need all the luck you can get. Because as it seems, most members won’t be getting paid by peritia anymore.



How to Perform Peritia Login or Sign Up Process

You do know that for you to start peritia sign up process, you must first pay for a coupon code, right? This actually doesn’t seem right, but many. Nigerians seem to be cool with it. Anyways, you will find a list of vendors that you will pay to get the coupon code. Then on the sign up page, input the coupon code as well as other personal details of yours. Then submit and begin earning immediately.

You will notice a small amount of money in your dashboard after you signed up, this is your welcome bonus. All members are given this bonus.


As for peritia login, well you can easily login whenever you get automatically logged out. It seems there is a reward for daily login, so you might want to take logging in seriously. Simply find your way to the homepage, click on the menu icon and then select ‘sign in.’ You will be taken to the login page and all that is left for you to do is to provide your username and password.


Is Legit or Scam is obviously a ponzi scheme, and most times ponzi’s don’t stay around for so long. As you may or may not know, this earning site has been operating for almost two months. By now, they seem to have over stayed their welcome, and there is a big chance that they will be closing down(crash) very soon. What all these means is that, peritia will soon stop paying members.


Therefore, we have come to a conclusion that peritia is not legit! Stop paying for coupon codes, and stop signing up on this ponzi scheme. Share to friends.


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