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Is Sa Moneyxpesa Legit? A Honest Review Article


Active only earners are in a good mood this period. They all seem to be excited about an earning site that was just launched not too long ago. Apparently, this new earning site looks exactly like TKL, a former money making site that so many South African online earners made so much money from. The new site that seems just like TKL is called Moneyxpesa, and many people on the internet are quite convinced that this is platform going to be such a huge success.


If you are currently reading this article and you have never earned a dime from the internet, you may have reasons to believe that earning online is difficult or almost impossible. This is actually very wrong. So many people make money online daily without having to go through any struggle. If you get the hang of it, you will be happy you decided to venture into earning online. With websites like sa, you just might experience the feeling soon enough.


If you have interest in earning online, then read this moneyxpesa review article to the end. There is a lot you should know.



Sa Moneyxpesa Review

When it comes to earning online, the best way to succed at this, is by understanding how the platform operates. With little or no idea of the platform’s mode of operation, you are likely to not excel in this field. So if you will like to make money on sa moneyxpesa, it is important to read to the end of this article. Because whether you are a new member of the site, or not, this writeup will make you better understand the site.


Sa moneyxpesa is a simple website, so all the explanations and instructions provided in this article will be easy to understand. And you are likely to face no issues if you pay attention while reading through the lines of this review article.


Incase you are wondering if we own this earning site, the answer is no! We do not own any earning site that we review. The primary goal of this blog is to help readers fully understand an earning site and what the platform really is. As for moneyxpesa, we are in no collaboration or partnership with the owners of the site.


How to Make Money on Sa Moneyxpesa

Sa moneyxpesa has different ways for members to make money. To earn a lot, you can choose to be involved in all the different earning methods.


For starters, members can earn by ‘spinning the wheel.’ There is a lucky draw available on the website, and when a member plays it by spinning a wheel, it is possible to earn lots of money on the site. But to qualify for lucky draws, you will need to get yourself Referrals.


Referrals is not just important for getting lucky draws to spin the wheel, you can also earn more money when you refer/invite a person and he makes a deposit on the platform. Sa moneyxpesa will give you a cashback commission from your invitees deposit. The amount you earn from a single referral is not a specific amount of money. The deposit your referral makes is what determines your cash-back commission.


Finally, there is the option to make money on this website by investment. Obviously you may not want to deposit your own money, so therefore you can feel free to invest the sign up bonus that you received when you just joined moneyxpesa.


How to Perform Sa Moneyxpesa Login or Sign Up Process

This website has got a sign up bonus for any internet user that signs up on their platform. How do you qualify to get this bonus? All you have to do is ‘sign up.’ To do so, get and click on a referral link. Or, get yourself to the homepage of this website and find the registration page.


On the registration page, provide just your cell phone number and a password. Then click on ‘register.’ This short and simple action will earn you R10. And this money can then be re-invested back into the platform. It can be used to yield you returns in no time.


And for those wondering if they could just withdraw the R10 rather than re-investing it, sorry but this website will not allow you withdraw such a small amount of money.


To login is also another simple and short process that can be done in minutes. Sometimes you may get logged out of your account for unknown reasons. This shouldn’t give you reasons to panic. Just head to the homepage first, then find your way to the login page. Next, provide your cell phone number and your correct account password. Then finally, click ‘login.’


How to Withdraw on Sa Moneyxpesa?

Incase you try to withdraw your Moneyxpesa sign up bonus, you will not succeed at this. If you are wondering why, well this is because this platform has a minimum withdrawal amount of R50. If the amount you try to withdraw is not up to R50, then the action will be rejected.


To place withdrawal on this site, login first. Next, click ‘wallet’ option. Then on the new page you get taken to, select ‘bank account.’ You need to provide your bank account details first. Once you have done this successfully, go back and click ‘withdraw.’ Then insert the amount you wish to withdraw, and submit.


Is Sa Moneyxpesa Legit or Scam?

While there are many money making websites like this one that are not paying members, what are the chances that sa is any different? Well the truth is that nothing differentiates this platform from all the other earning sites out there.


If you want to earn well on this site, then you may have to make deposits. This makes it risky business, and there is no actual guarantee that moneyxpesa is legit. There is also no proof to show that the site is a scam either. So perhaps you might want to make further enquiries before getting involved with this site.


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