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Is Vinepey Legit or Scam? Honest Vinepey.Store Review


In the past couple of days, a lot of internet users have been enthusiastically hyping a recently launched earning platform. Although new, many people have high hopes that this new earning site will solve the financial problems of many. This new earning website is known as, and this review article will be giving you all the details and info about what the platform really is.


Vinepey is similar to some earning sites that have been seen in the past, but this doesn’t change the fact that it could potentially make lots of internet users richer than they currently are. Earning money online is just so amazing, one doesn’t need to find a ‘one of a kind’ earning site. Earning websites with less than 10% uniqueness might just be what you need to attain your financial goals. If you would like to make good money on the internet, then always be ready to give almost any earning website a shot. Because you may never know the right one, unless you try it out. Review was launched not too long ago. The website was launched in the month of May, in 2024. And while many people have been convincing others to sign up and join vinepey, not so many people are giving explanations of how it works. This means there is a likelihood of you signing up on the platform, but yet you won’t know the right actions to take so that you can’t earn. Well if that is the case for you, then you need not worry anymore. This review article will be your guide, and this writeup will help you know the right steps to take as a member of this earning site.

Without reading to the end of this review article, chances are that you would face a couple of challenges. So it’s best to avoid that.


This article will provide answers to questions like; How can members withdraw? How can members make money? How can members login? And so on. Read to the very end to get all the info you need!


NOTE: This review article is meant for educational purposes only. This article is not meant to promote or advertise vinepey. So readers, do not make the mistake of thinking we own the earning platform.


How to Make Money

As someone who is interested in vinepey, of course the main question running through your mind would be, “how to make money from this platform?”
Well, the answer to this question is pretty simple.

There is not just one way to make money on! Members can earn in different ways. Starting with referrals!


Most people who want to earn online should always be ready to refer. Because many money making websites have to do with referrals. And if you are very good at this, you will be able to earn with ease.
So, if you can successfully refer members to sign up on, then you will be able to increase your revenue for sure.


To make even more money, you can invest in this platform. But do note that investment is not 100% necessary. If you do wish to place an investment, it must be at least R50. Making a deposit will also instantly make your account verified.
After making investments, you will begin to earn returns daily.


Note: When most members newly sign up on this platform, they discover the sum of R800(or a different figure, depending on your currency) in their dashboard balance. For those wondering, the amount you discover is actually your bonus for successfully completing sign up process. And all members are given this bonus.


How to Withdraw Money

Members are not allowed to withdraw from vinepey until their account is fully verified! For now, there are two known ways to verify an account. You can either choose to get ten successful referral. Each referral gets you 10% verified. So ten referrals will get you 100% verified. Or, you can fully verify your account by making a deposit of R50 into their platform.


After successfully verifying, you can withdraw your vinepey earnings by logging in, clicking on ‘withdraw funds,’ then providing the amount you desire to withdraw. Please note that the least amount that can be withdrawn is R100.


How to Carry Out Login / Sign Up Process

If you really want to register on vinepey, then all you need to get started with signing up is to head directly to the homepage. Once you get there, select the ‘create account’ option. This will lead you to the sign up page. And on sign up page, you will need to provide your username, email, currency, and a password.


After providing all of the above, you will be taken to a page that will ask you to provide your account details. The purpose of this is to ensure there is a seamless withdrawal process when the time comes. So make sure to accurately provide the right info. After this, you will be taken to your account dashboard. Your welcome bonus will be waiting.


As for the login process, simply go to the homepage of this website and click on ‘login account.’ Then when redirected to the login page, type in your username and password correctly. Then finally click on ‘sign in.’ The whole thing shouldn’t take more than a minute.


Is Legit or Scam

Since the discovery of vinepey, there have been many hype and songs of praises, but not too many people have been dropping payments to show that they have gotten paid.
Could this possibly mean is not legit?


Well it might be too early to start making conclusions. Remember that this earning site was launched recently, and members have probably not reached the withdrawal threshold yet. So keep your eyes peeled out and on the look to see if people start showing off their payments any time soon.
As for now, it might be too early to conclude on whether is legit or a scam.


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