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Wheelers-casino Review: Is Legit or Scam?


If you are looking for a decent earning platform, you can set your eyes on the recently launched South African sites. This is because the recently launched platforms have a higher chance of paying you. Even platforms that are illegitimate will sometimes pay their members when they are new.
So, a platform you can consider to join is was launched not too long ago. And it seems like a pretty decent website. No promises made though, but at least it is worth a try.


Have you been looking for a side hustle online? A way you can earn money without having to perform any complicated tasks, or preferably earn in a fun way? Well there are many sites online that can allow you achieve this. One of them is Wheelers-casino.
The platform is easy. It is also free to join. And if you are interested in knowing all about the site, then you should read to the end of this review article. Review

As it seems, whenever a new website is discovered, these earning site all seem like they are legit. But as you get to find out more about them, you will get to realize that not all are legit.

So, there are two ways to find out if wheelers-casino is a legit site. You can choose to join the platform, perform all necessary actions, and then attempt to withdraw. If you get paid then the site is legit, but if you don’t get paid then the site is a scam.
Or, you can choose to just read to the end of this review. And trust that this is a faster way to know if the platform is legit.


In this review article, we will not only be revealing the legitimacy of the new earning site. More in-depth analysis of how the site works will be discussed in the platform.


Note that; This article is not meant to promote wheelers-casino. In fact, this article is also not meant to advertise the earning site either. The purpose of this review writeup, is to enlighten readers of how the platform works, and if it is something worth giving a try.


How to make money from

There is more than one way to earn money on this platform, and all the different earning methods can be done very simply.


Before you even join the site, you will be given a welcome bonus of R10. This site gives welcome bonuses to all new members.


Now to make more money on, you are required to spin a wheel daily. You can spin and win between the amount of R5 to R15. But members are only allowed to spin once in a day.
However, there is a way to get more spins and earn more money.


To spin more money, you can simply make deposits and earn the chance to spin and win more.
Click on the ‘get new wheel’ option, and you will be given a variety of deposit options. The investment packages on the site range from R300 to R5000.


Another way to earn on without spinning wheels, is by referring.
When you refer a new member on this money making site, you will get a referral bonus and the person you invited will also get a registration bonus.


The reward for a successful referral, is 5% of commission for every spin your team makes.


How to go about Sign up or Login Process

There is almost no difficult action on this platform. As for the sign up process, it is also just as easy as every other action.

To sign up as a member, you can easily go over to the homepage of the site. Then click on ‘create an account.’ This will take you to the sign up page. And on the sign up page, you will need to fill in your email, username, and a password. As soon as you complete the sign up steps, you will be given the welcome bonus of R10. But note, it cannot be withdrawn because it is not up to the minimum withdrawal threshold.


To get access to your wheelers-casino account dashboard, you will need to carry out the login process. A very simple action that can be carried out in less than one or two minutes.


To get started, go directly to the website’s homepage. This will automatically redirect you to the login page of the site. And on the login page, you only have to provide your email and password. Then click on ‘sign in.’
It won’t take more than a minute to do all these.


How to Withdraw from

To place withdrawal on this platform, you will need to reach a certain amount of earnings. This is what they call the minimum withdrawal threshold. Once your earnings is up to the right amount, you can then cashout by going to the page labeled as ‘request withdrawal.’


You can withdraw via usdt or via normal South African banks. If you do not first provide your banking account details or your usdt wallet address, then you won’t be able to place withdrawal.


Please note that withdrawals may take from a couple of minutes up to 48 hours to fully reflect on your account.


Is Legit or Scam?

Even though the website is new, we expect to already see payment proofs from different members who claim the site is legit. But there have been none.
By the looks of things, wheelers-casino might not be legit.


By if you are strongly of the opinion that is legit and paying, then feel free to give the site a chance.
A warning though, do not deposit/invest your money into this platform! You can earn without deposits, so don’t get involved with something as risky as investing.


Thank you for reading all parts of this review article. Do drop a comment below, if you have any to make.


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