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Many people have given already up on earning online because of the high number of fraudulent platforms that they come across daily. It is almost impossible to find a 100% legit and paying platform, so this reason alone have discouraged many online users from joining new earning sites.

So, you probably may have heard about a platform called xrichsun. Some people refer to it as SunAfrica. But if you have heard about it before now, then you probably already know that it is a new money making platform that people are joining.


You may be living in Ivory Coast, Nigeria, or even South Africa and yet still know about xrichsun earning site. This is because there are different variations of this platform made for different countries across Africa. No one really knows if it is being operated by the same person(s). But what we do know, is that there is for Nigerians), for South Africans), and different others with different domain extensions depending on the said country.



SunAfrica Xrichsun Review

This review article is meant to be helpful to everyone and anyone. Regardless of your country. All variations of xrichsun works the same. The only difference is the currency you earn with. So do well to pay attention, and read to the end of this review article. It will help you understand how sunafrica xrichsun works, and educate you on whether joining this platform is even worth it.


If you are already a member, this article will still be very helpful to you as well. So whether you have started with investments or not, just do well to read to the end.


Here is a summary of how this review will go down; This article will begin with explaining how you can earn, before educating you on how to ‘attempt’ withdrawal. Other actions will then be taught. Then finally, we wrap this up with the million dollar question “is xrichsun legit or scam?”


Please Note: This article is not promoting sunafrica investment. We do not have any relationship or affiliation with the owner of the earning site. In fact, no one even knows who owns the platform. This article is only meant for educational purposes.


How to Make Money on Xrichsun

The first and easiest way to make money on sunafrica is via the ‘free cash’ method. This is the method of earning that involves getting bonuses by redeeming a bonus code. The bonus code can be gotten from the telegram group of xrichsun. Then you can insert the code in the free cash page. You can potentially earn up to R100 from this.


The main way to make money on xrichsun is by investments or deposits. Members are opportune to invest as low as R10 or more, in any of the virtual solar panel products. The return on investment is really eye-catching.
But always remember that investing online is a risk. One that you should never carelessly take. Invest as much as you can afford to lose.

There are many investment packages you can choose from, and they all offer really decent returns.


The final way to earn is by referrals. This is another easy way to make money online. Your task is to invite people from different parts of the internet. Invite your friends, families, and even online strangers. Doing this will earn you lots of money on!
The more you refer, the more you will earn for sure.


How to Withdraw from SunAfrica Xrichsun

First of all, bear in mind that earning doesn’t not guarantee that when you withdraw you will surely get your money. Sadly, there have been complaints from many members that they haven’t been receiving their payments after they place withdrawal. You may, or may not, experience this. So fingers crossed.


To place withdrawal, know that the minimum amount you will be allowed to withdraw from the platform is R30. If you are in another country, the currency will differ. Just go to the withdrawal page to find out the minimum withdrawal you can make. Click ‘withdraw’ then enter the amount you want to withdraw. Ensure you also provide your bank account details correctly.


How to go about Login or Sign Up Process

As a newbie with interest in earning online, you can decide to join and begin your financial journey immediately. If you carry out the sign up process right, you will get rewarded with a bonus of R10. So here is how to sign up the right way.


First, get a referral link from a friend or online. Click the link and get yourself to xrichsun sign up page. On the sign up page, you will be asked to input in your phone number, password, and a referral code(one will be inserted automatically for you). Then submit by clicking ‘submit.’ After that, you surely will get the sign up bonus of R30. But remember that you can’t withdraw it immediately because it is not up to the minimum withdrawal amount.


To log into your account, you can either go to the website or open the sunafrica app. Get your self to xrichsun login page, then type in your phone number and your correct password. Then submit to get logged in.
You won’t need to be logging in most times, as it will be done for you automatically.



Is Xrichsun Legit or Scam

The honest and plain truth is that Xrichsun is a scam! Many members are complaining of not getting paid. Some are even complaining of incomplete payments. So if you were previously planning to invest in this sunafrica website, it is best you hold for now!


For those who have been asking, “is legit or scam?” The answer is definitely, the site is a scam!


There are so many scam sites online, but don’t let this make you believe that there are no legit sites out there. Even though sites like xrichsun are not legit, you just have to do a little bit more digging to find the right platform. You will be glad you did.


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