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Honest Locomine.Online Review(Is Locomine.Online Legit or Scam?)


Even though there are lots of job opportunities in South Africa, there is still a large varieties of online jobs available for internet users. As a matter of fact, SA has got more earning platforms than most African countries. An example of an earning site in SA is


Locomine Online is an earning site that was launched not too long ago. The platform began operations in the month of April, 2024. And as each day goes by, it continues to attain more fame.


This earning site is not just for folks without jobs. But also for those who are already privileged to have jobs, but are in need of easy side hustles. In fact, it is better to take this site a side gig, rather than your main income stream. Remember that originally, earning online used to just be for side hustles. But not anymore.


Well, whether you have decided to take this site as a side hustle or a main stream of income, this review article will still be helpful to you. So read every bit of it.



Locomine.Online Review

If you desire to register on this platform, and earn from it, then you will need a guide. This review article can be that guide that you are in need of.
This review will help you better understand how this platform fully operates, the pros and the cons of this platform, and every other vital information that you will be needing.


If you have only come here seeking to know whether is legit, well then you will also get an answer to this question as well. Just read on below and every query of yours will be met.


You can’t always know what a platform is all about just by reading the contents available on the website’s homepage. Trust that this review article will be able to give you a more in-depth explanation of how everything on this website works.


Disclaimer: This article is only for information purpose. We do not own locomine, and we have no affiliation, partnership, or pact with the owner(s) of this site. This article was only made to give an honest review of how the earning website works, and how internet users could possibly make an honest living from it.


How to Earn Money from Locomine.Online

Locomine is almost like every other average South African money making site you could possibly come across on the net. This website is one that deals with investing and investments.
They claim that they are a “Chrome Mining Business and members will reap the benefits of this lucrative opportunity in the booming mining industry.”

This may, or may not be true. So many investment websites are known for speaking untrue words to their members and potential customers.


Well, to earn money on, one would simply have to choose from the various investment packages which you will find available in your account dashboard.

The cheapest investment plan on this website costs $25. Members who invest in this plan are given back $0.75, and they earn 3% returns.

There are many other investment plans, and the prices as well as the ROI, are all different. You can check them out in the website.


To also earn more money, you can decide to go about referring new people into this website.
Locomine online referral bonus is determined by how much your referral actually deposits/invest. If he or she makes an investment in one of the largest plans, then expect lots of high referral earnings.


How to Perform Locomine.Online Sign Up and Login Process

For those who have been wondering, this platform is actually one that can be joined for free. Yes, there are some earning sites that will require you to pay sign up fees before you can join. Rest assured that is not such a platform.


Now, when it comes to signing up or joining, this can be done easily by going to the website homepage and clicking on the ‘get started.’ Then this will take you to the sign up page almost immediately.
On login page, provide your username, email, and password. Then click on submit.


Upon completion of the sign up process, you won’t be getting any sign up bonuses. Surprisingly enough, this website doesn’t give bonuses to new members.


You can also login into your account in just a couple of minutes. This can be done by going to the login page. To get to the login page, simply head over to the homepage, click on the menu icon, and then select ‘login now.’
Then provide your correct login details(which is only your email and password).


How to Withdraw from Locomine.Online

If you wish to place a withdrawal, you need to first be logged into your account. Then find your way to the withdrawal page.
To get to this page, click on the menu icon then select the ‘payout’ option. You will be taken to the withdrawal page where you can select how you wish to withdraw. allows members to choose between withdrawal via litecoin or withdrawal to South African bank account.

For the litecoin option, members must have earned up to $20. While for the bank account option, members must have earned up to R300. For either of the withdrawal option, the withdrawal fee/charge is 5% of the desired withdrawn amount.


Is Locomine.Online Legit or Scam?

If you have noticed, there are many folks online that are sharing same screenshot of payments from locomine. These guys have probably never been paid by the site, they only just need referrals from their fellow internet users. So do not allow this make you believe that is legit!


The website has not been around for too long, so we can’t really say if this platform is legit or a scam. But do well to remember that making an investment in this platform would be a risk to take. And are you willing to take such risks?


Drop a comment below if you have any questions to ask.


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