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Moneytreeoriginal Online Review: Is Legit or Scam

When it comes to looking for a way to earn online without experience or a special skill, experts will always tell you that the best way to go about this is by settling for ‘an investment scheme.’ A legit investment scheme, not one that could lead to you losing money rather than gaining money. So when it comes to online investments a site you should take a good look at is the newly launched south african site called


MoneyTreeOriginal is a newly discovered earning platform for investors. It is one that not too many people are familiar with. But for the few that know about this platform, they actually seem to be very optimistic about this one.
Would you like to know about this newly launched site? If yes, then all info needed will be provided accordingly in this review article.


Disclaimer Alert! This money making scheme/ investment platform is not owned by me. All I seek to do is create awareness and provide information about the platform. I have no intention of promoting or advertising any earning site!


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Moneytreeoriginal Online Review

In this moneytreeoriginal online review writeup, I will be giving answers and solutions to questions and issues surrounding the platform. Since it’s a new site, not so many people know their way around the site. For instance, some would like to join, but they have little or no idea of how to go about the sign up process. There is also the case of those who have never ending questions.


Questions like: “Is legit or scam?”


This is where I come in. In this review writeup of mine, I will provide different answers and solutions to all who have come here seeking. So ensure that you read this article to the end. It would definitely be beneficial.


What is Moneytreeoriginal Online?

Money tree original is a South African money making investment scheme. One that exists only in the forewalls of the internet. Yes, it is an online platform only. It doesn’t seem to exist offline.


The platform is one that promises great rewards to all members, and they do have enticing gifts for new members who are newly joining.
A whooping amount of R20 for all new members is not something you can get from just any investment scheme on the internet.


On this platform, there are different ways to make money and they are all discussed below.


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How to make money on Moneytreeoriginal Online?

The main way to make money is by investing. There are about five different investment plans. Whichever one your budget can cover, you should go for it!
The cheapest of all investment plans costs R200. While the most expensive costs R10,000


Note: I do not guarantee that investing in this platform would yield any profit!


Another easy way to earn is by performing referrals.


How to Perform Moneytreeoriginal Online Referral?

It is easy to earn via this method. This method simply involves having to invite people to join the platform. Anytime someone joins because you invited them with a link called the ‘referral link,’ you would be rewarded a nice sum of money. And you can always repeat this process repeatedly everyday.


The reward for every successful referral is 20% of your referral’s earnings. If the person you invited earnings R1000, mathematically you would get a bonus of R100. Now imagine getting at least five daily referrals everyday for a week non-stop. Damn! That’s a whole lot of money.


Who is the Owner of Moneytreeoriginal Online?

The unfortunate thing about this platform, is that no one has any idea of who the owner of moneytreeoriginal online is. This is very bad because an investment platform should not be hiding the owner or staff. Every investment platform should learn to practice transparency. It would help increase trust amongst members and prospective members.

Now since moneytreeoriginal has decided to keep its owners unknown, this has drastically reduced the trust of the platform.


When was Moneytreeoriginal Online Launched? was launched at the end of March, 2024. The site is very new and that’s why there are still so many informations yet to be unraveled.


How to go about Moneytreeoriginal Online Login Process

It is easy to log into your account. The process is easy and straightforward. To get started, head to the homepage then click on ‘register here.’ Yes, even if you already have an account, the correct thing to click on is ‘register here.’
Then on the registration page, click on ‘login.’


The login process can be completed in a minute or two. All that will be required from you is your email address and password.

To go about sign up process, you will also go through a quick and short process of providing some important information about yourself. It is also very simple too.


Is Moneytreeoriginal Online Legit or Scam?

While many are convinced that moneytreeoriginal online is legit and actually a very good platform to invest in, this might not actually be true. Many of the online investment sites are illegitimate so therefore, one shouldn’t just immediately trust sites they come across on the internet.


So, how can one know if moneytreeoriginal is legit or a scam? In all honesty, there is no sure way of knowing. There are only a couple of precautions that can be taken. This includes; reading different online reviews, finding out if there have been previous scam cases associated with the platform, and so on.

Since this site is a new one, so far there have been no reports or claims of moneytreeoriginal online being a scam.

This does not give any guarantee that the site is legit though. If you want to invest, then do bear in mind that there is a risk involved in it.


Thanks for reading to the end of this review, do well to drop questions and comments in the comment section below. Thank you for reading.


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