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Ngngood Review: Is Ngngood Legit? Get Answers


It is not everytime that making money has to do with being serious all the time. With earning fields like Forex trading, freelancing, and the likes, earning money isn’t always fun(unless you really love your what you do). But did you know there is a way to make money by playing games? Well if you didn’t know before now, we are telling you that it is actually possible. There is a Nigerian earning platform called ngngood, and it is filled with all kinds of fun activities that you could ever think off. Have you heard about Ngngood before now?


Many on the internet are making claims that is a lovely earning site. But there are also many who claim that the platform is a scam platform disguising to be what it is not. Oh well, in this ngngood review article, all will be made known. Whether you are already a member, or you only just discovered the earning site, this review article will be helpful to you. So it’s best you read to the end before making any further actions. Review

When you hear that it is possible to make money on the internet just by playing games, what exactly comes to your mind first? Have you always thought that earning online was hard? Well, while most people exaggerate on how easy it is to earn online and remotely, sometimes most of these guys aren’t even exaggerating. Earning online is pretty easy, and it often involves no hassle. If you are yet to make any money online, then you have got to up your game. There is no better time to earn online. Now is! is one of those earning sites that allows you to earn conveniently from the comfort of your home. So what then are people talking about, when they make claims that ngngood is not a platform worth joining. Could it be that the website is not legit? If you have been thinking about this, then read to the end of this review to get all answers.


In this review, you will get answers to questions like – How to earn from the website? How to cash out? How to go about login process? Is legit or a scam? And many more…


How to Make Money On Ngngood

Earning via referrals is an under rated way to earn from this platform. When new members sign up on, they usually focus all of their attention on playing games that will win them money. But little do most know, that when you focus on referrals, you could potentially earn more money.

Whenever you invite someone to join the platform using your referral link, and they actually do so, you will get a percentage of their lifetime of their earning.


When you earn via ngngood referrals, you don’t get to spend a dime. You don’t get to lose anything. You only get back rewards and bonuses at the end of the day. However, playing games on ngngood isn’t all fun as you may think it to be.


On this platform, members are required to make deposits before playing games. At least a minimum of 1000Naira. You can then use the deposited amount to play any game of your choice. There are a variety of games to choose from, so ensure you pick a game you are sure you understand. Then play and try your possible best to win. If you lose the game, you also lose your deposited money as well.
Does this now prove why ngngood referrals is a better way to earn? Of course it does.


How to Withdraw

If you excel and win some of the games you play, you can choose to withdraw your money from ngngood anytime you desire to. But note that, the minimum amount that can be withdrawn is 2000Naira. If you do not have up to the said earnings, your withdrawal will not work.


To withdraw, login to your account, find and click ‘withdraw,’ provide your bank account details first, then type in the amount you desire to withdraw. Your payment should arrive in less than 24hours time.


How to go about Login or Sign Up Process

As a non member, you can quicky sign up and instantly become a member of ngngood by carrying out the necessary steps known as the sign up process. To sign up, get yourself a referral link from a close pal and click on it. Don’t have a referral link? No worries. Go to the website’s homepage, then click ‘register.’

When you get to sign up page, provide your phone number, your preferred password, and a referral code if you have one(511P138A). After all of this is done, agree to their terms and click on ‘register.’


Unlike many of the earning sites you may have joined in the past, this earning site does not give any welcome bonus to new members. However, you can start earning immediately you join. And if you are lucky, you could earn lots of money on your first day as an ngngood member.


As for the login process, you can start by going to the website’s homepage. Next, click on ‘login’ option. This will take you to the login page, and you will be asked to provide your phone number and your password. Type them in correctly, and submit to get logged in.



Is Legit or Scam

If you are worried that ngngood might be a scam, well you need not worry anymore. It has been confirmed by many members that ngngood is legit and paying. There have been no reports of scam cases related to this earning site. However, there have been reports and claims that the games are rigged, and they are made in a way that winning is very hard.


This may or may not be a right claim. But if you do not wish to risk losing your money after playing the games, then it’s best to avoid ngngood!
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