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Ngpub Review: Is Legit Or Scam

In truth, it is actually amazing to see that Nigerians, mainly Nigerian youths, are now properly enlightened, and almost all of them know that there are different ways to make money from the comfort of one’s home. Big thanks to the internet.

However, not every Nigerian youth knows that one could actually make money online without having any specific skills. To most people, to earn online you would need to enroll in a forex skill, or buy a blogging course, or even engage in a full lengthy youtube playlist day in day out just to learn a particular online skill. But that doesn’t always have to be the case.


Ladies and gentlemen, the internet has got many money making sites that will make things easier for you. And an example of such kinds of site, would be the newly launched


Have you heard about Ngpub?


Ngpub is the kind of platform that could earn one money without any particular skill. All you have to do is carry out specific activities on the platform. “What kind of activities,” you might be forced to ask. Well read on below to get all the answers.



Ngpub Review is a new money making platform in the Nigeria. The site was launched in the month of April 2024, and since it is a fresh site, so many people have so many questions to ask. Unfortunately, not so many people have answers to these questions.


In this review, answers will be given. So if you were worried about getting answers all these while, then worry no more!


People have got questions like; “How can I make money from How can I withdraw? How can I earn more than i’m currently earning? How can I sign up?”And so many more.


This review article has got all the answers you need. So just a take a seat and pay good attention as you read through the lines of this review article.


What is Ngpub? is simply a money making site that any one living in Nigeria can join.

“Can None-Nigerians join the platform too?” Well it depends on whether they have a Nigerian bank account. Without the local bank account, placing withdrawal will be impossible. So if you live outside the country but have an interest in joining the platform, the first thing to put into consideration, is how you can receive the funds.


The best part about this platform, is that it is one with lots of fun activities. Members actually have fun while earning on this site. There are no difficult tasks to perform, so if that had been a worry for you, then let go of such worries.


Before I go on to tell you about the different ways to earn and make money on, now might be a good time to inform you that this platform is not owned by myself. I am neither an affiliate or partner with the owners of this earning site. Keep it at the back of your mind.


How to make money on Ngpub?

Now, when it comes to making money on this platform, there are two major ways to achieve your goals. The first way, which is by investments.


Investments on this platform is not something that was made clear by the website owners. They did state that the most amount one can invest is 3,000naira. But they seemed to have forgotten that explaining the returns members can earn is also quite important.


Oh well, enough said about that. The other way to earn on this platform would be by referrals. It is a much better way to earn actually.
Referrals is simply getting none members to use your link to sign up on the platform. And whenever you succeed at this, you instantly get rewarded with the sum of 3,500naira. If you do the math right, this would mean that ten successful referrals would earn you the whopping sum of 35,000naira.


Word of advice for all you folks interested in earning on ngpub; it is way better to focus on earning by referrals, than earning by investments.


How to go about Ngpub Login / Sign Up Process

If you are interested in this platform, then you should give it a try then. The first thing to do is to perform the sign up process.
To sign up, you would need a referral link(or not).


To sign up, head to the homepage and click on ‘register.’ This would take you to the sign up page. On this page, you would be asked to provide a desired username, and any strong password that you can easily remember. Then click on register.


To login is almost just as similar as signing up. First, head to the login page. This can be done by going to the homepage, then clicking on ‘login.’

You will then be asked to provide your member account, which is the same as your unique username, and a password.
After accurately providing them, click on ‘login’ to submit.


Is Ngpub Legit or Scam?

You may be in a hurry to join this platform and start earning money as quickly as possible, but never forget that there are more scam platforms online than legit platforms. So, how do you tell the difference?


It is hard to tell the difference when the platforms are still new. So the best thing to do is sit and wait. Eventually, people with experience would start giving honest reviews and how the earning platforms treated them.


“Is legit or a scam website?” The answer would be, for now nobody really knows. The site is new, and the time for making a final verdict on this has not come yet. In due time, everyone will know whether the platform is legit or a scam. Chances are that the site may not turn out to be what most people expect it to be. But for now, let us all just watch.


Do you have any questions or queries about this newly launched money making site? If you do, then drop a question below.


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