You are currently viewing Pagodaclub Review( Find Out if is Legit or Scam)

Pagodaclub Review( Find Out if is Legit or Scam)

There are tons of money making sites available for South African internet users. It really is a blessing, and everyone with the opportunity should utilize it and make the very best of it. If you see a new earning site, never hesitate to make enquiries about how the platform works and if it is one that you can benefit greatly from. Remember, lots of people rake in hundreds of dollars daily just by performing easy jobs and tasks online.


Very recently, a money making site was launched again. The site is mainly for South Africans, and many online folks are hurriedly joining without asking questions. Naturally, it is normal for people to hurriedly sign up on a money making site without even knowing how the site works. But a wise action to take, is to first learn about how the platform works before making a decision on whether to join or not.

The new site that was recently just launched is known as pagodaclub. is on the lips of many online earners. People seem to be excited about this new platform. And for sure you would also want to join it. But before joining, I advise that you read to the end of this review writeup first.



Pagodaclub Review

While many know the basics about, there are also many who know almost nothing about how the site works. If you fall in the category of people like this, then this writeup is made for you. In this article, many detailed answers and explanations will be made.

And as for those who want to join, but are bothered about the legitimacy of the platform, you also will not be left out.


In this writeup, I will address the famously asked question, which is; “Is legit or scam?”
This will be very vital, because if the site is an illegitimate one then the what’s the point of joining?


As you can see, this review articleis very important. So read all parts of it.


Disclaimer alert: This article is only meant to pass information to information seekers. This is not in anyway meant to promote pagodaclub. We do not own this money making site, and we are certainly in no form of affiliation with the platform owners.


How to Earn Money on Pagodaclub? is an earning site with diverse way to make cool cash. Starting with the registration process, the platform generously gives out the sum of R30 to all new members. This can be defined as the tip of the iceberg of how quick and easy it is for a member to earn.


To make money on this platform, members can decide to make investment in any of the available investment plans.
A member can invest as little as R100, or even more. The higher your investment is, the more daily returns you will get from the site.


For those who invest R100, they are given back R32 daily. But those who invest more, will also earn more money too.


Also, another way to earn is by sending out invites. This is known as referrals.

Pagodaclub referral is an easy way to earn without spending. When you invite someone new to the site, the platform acknowledges your actions by rewarding you with a bonus.

The bonus depends on how much your invitee invests. You will be given a certain percentage of his or her earnings.

So to earn more money, you simply have to invite more and more people to join and invest on the platform.


How to go about Pagodaclub Login / Sign Up Process

Only members of this platform can earn from this site. So if you haven’t registered, then you will be left out. To become a member, your first task is to carry out pagodaclub sign up process.


How is it done? Well, it is pretty easy. To do it, use a referral link to get to the sign up page. Or alternatively, go to the homepage and click on ‘sign up for free.’

This will take you directly to the sign up/registration page. And on this page, you will be asked to provide any preferred username of your choice, your full name, email, preferred password, and a referral code(if you have one).

The sign up process is fast and easy, like I mentioned earlier.


To login to is also just as easy.
To login, go to the site homepage and you will automatically be taken to the login page. On this page, you will be asked to provide either your username or your email address. And also your password. Then click on ‘account login’ to submit.
The login process and the sign up process takes less than a minute to carry out.


How to Withdraw from Pagodaclub

If you want to place a withdrawal on this platform, the least amount you will be allowed to withdraw is R50. If you haven’t earned up to the said amount, withdrawal will not be made possible for you.
Note that, this platform makes payment to only South African banks. So if you live outside of SA, then you might have a problem with the withdrawal process.


To withdraw, login into your account, click on the ‘withdraw’ option, then provide your bank details and the desired amount you want to withdraw.
The payment should come in after about an hour of placing your withdrawal.


Is Pagodaclub Legit or scam

While you may have high hopes for this platform, it is important to note that this site is not the first of its kind. We have come across so many similar sites like this, and a larger percentage of these platforms turned out to be scams. seems like a scam platform as well. This is not confirmed yet, because the site is still just new. But so far, no one has shown a valid payment proof of the platform actually paying. Keep this at the back of your mind!


Have any questions or contributions? Then feel free to comment below.


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