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Parrotcontsite Review(Find Out if Parrotcontsite is Legit or Scam)

There are not too many money making sites that actually pays, but there are the ones that have been legit since the very first day of its launch. The big question is, “is parrotcontsite one of those legit platforms? Or it’s just like the scam platforms masquerading to be legitimate?” is a new money making site. It is made specifically for South Africans, but even people from other countries be smart about it and earn from the site. This new platform was launched not so long ago, and while newbies are excited about it, the experienced ones have been asking questions to know if the platform is worth giving a shot.


Not all earning sites should be taken seriously. If you don’t know this, then perhaps you are a newbie in the online earning world. Is parrotcontsite worth taking seriously? You will get the answers you need in this review writeup. You will get answers to so many other questions and queries as well. This review article will definitely be worth reading to the end!



Parrotcontsite Review

Well, you have been given a summary of what this review article is all about, so it’s best we just dive right into it. But before we go any further, it is important to clear readers about something.


This article is only meant for enlightenment purposes. We have no intention of promoting this earning site, or any earning site at all. This review article is made for information purposes. We do not own the site, nor are we in any form of affiliation with the owner(s) of the platform.

As a matter of fact, the owner of this site is not even known. For some unknown reasons, the owner of the earning site has decided to remain anonymous.


Here is a quick summary of what you will get from reading to the end of this article. You will be getting answers to questions like; How to withdraw from the platform? How to go about the platform’s sign up process? Is legit or scam? And so many more.


If you really wish to earn money online, then you should be ready to read reviews like this all the time. This will help you better understand the earning site you are getting yourself involved with.


How to make Money on Parrotcontsite

As a member of this money making site, bear in mind that all earnings will be in Rands. For instance, as soon as you complete the sign up process for the platform you will be given a bonus of R20. This comes at no cost. And for your information, signing up is free! There is literally no sign up fee.


You can then decide to start earning more money after you have received your sign up bonus.


To earn more money, you can get started with any investment plan available. There are about five different investment plans available, and they all cost different amounts. The least plan will cost you R100, and you will get back about R30 everyday. This is about 30% of your invested amount.
Note that, the higher you invest, the more daily returns you will get.


To make money via another means, you can decide to refer.
The referral earning method is a way to earn without having to invest. However, whoever you refer must make an investment.


Whenever you successfully refer a person on this platform, your reward is a certain percentage of how much your invited folk invested. The higher his/her investment, the bigger your referral earnings.


How to go about Parrotcontsite Sign Up / Login Process

You can start earning immediately you sign up on this platform. So, to sign up you can either user a referral link of your friend, or you can go to the website homepage. Whichever method you use won’t change the fact that once you complete the process, you will get your R20 reward.


Once you get to the homepage, you will automatically be redirected to sign up page since you do not have an account yet.

So on the sign up page, all you have to do is provide all the necessary information that they ask from you. This information includes just your mobile number and a password of your choice. Then submit.


As for the login process, it is just as easy too. From the homepage of the site, scroll down and click on ‘log in.’
This will take you to parrotcontsite login page, and all you will be asked to provide is your username and password. Once this is provided, you will be granted access to your account dashboard immediately. You may now resume earning daily.


How to go about Parrotcontsite Withdrawal Process

This website has got a minimum withdrawal amount. The amount is R50. This means that if you do not have up to this amount earned, then withdrawal will not be made possible for you.
The great thing about this site is, there is no withdrawal fee. So you won’t be charged any amount for placing a withdrawal.


To withdraw, first login to access your account dashboard. Next, find and click on ‘account.’ This will take you to a new page, then click on ‘withdraw,’ and this will take you to the withdrawal page.
Provide your account details and type in the amount you want to withdraw. It is that simple.


Is Parrotcontsite Legit or Scam?

This website might seem like a normal site, but there are a couple of red flags. For instance, the site owners or operators are not known. Further more, there are no payment proofs to back up claims that the site is legit. So honestly, might not be legit.


In fact, it would be a risk to make investments into a website like this. If you wish to earn from this site, you can decide to earn via referrals. You won’t be required to invest when you only refer.
Once again, as for the legitimacy of this site, there is no guarantee!


Thanks for reading to the end of this writeup. If you have questions, drop it below.


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