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Plusom.Store Review: Is Plusom Legit? Get All Answers


If you are going to be joining a new earning site, be sure to do some background checks before getting your hopes up high. If you do your checks right, you may be surprised to find out that the so called ‘new earning site’ is just a rip-off of a previous scam website. Do you doubt this? If you do, then how about we have a look at the new earning site known as!


Plusom, or plusom store, is being talked about by so many people online. Those who do not know, are pretty excited about a new way to earn from the comfort of their home. And then there are those who know. Those who know that plusom store is just a rip off of the previous earning site known as “Justloote.Store”


About a month ago, a lot of folks were excited to hear about justloote. Well, many folks made money from it. But it later ended up not paying more people. Apparently, is exactly the same copy of justloote. There are no differences at all.


Anyways, in this review article, you will find out if this platform is worth giving a shot. Or if you just should ‘dodge this one.’



Plusom.Store Review

There are many opportunities online. So if you are yet to make a dime from the internet, you should be happy to know that there are many other earning sites you are yet to try out. But to succeed in earning online, the best way to go about this is to do good research on the platforms that you get yourself involved with. Just because a random guy online says you should join a new website because it is paying doesn’t actually mean it is in fact ‘paying.’ You should always learn to do your research first.


The good thing is, the fact you are currently reading this article means you are doing research at the moment. Very good of you.

In this review article, you will learn more about Plusom and how earning works for members. You will get answers to the different questions you have been asking. And, you will get to know if plusom is legit or a scam website. So stay till the very end to get all the answers.


How to Make Money

The instant you become a member of plusom, you begin to make money that minute. What I’m trying to say is that, all new members are welcomed with a sign up bonus. The bonus amount depends on the currency you chose while registering. For people earning in ZAR(south african rands), plusom sign up bonus is R10. All you have to do is just post a link given to you, in your Facebook wall.


To make more money from plusom, you can share your referral link to different friends of yours online. When they sign up with the link you gave them, your earnings will likely increase as well. You can invite as many people as possible, as long as they use your link for the registration process.


Finally, members of can earn via the quick investment scheme made available. It is a very ‘suprising’ way to earn money. Depending on the currency you chose while signing up, Plusom promises members a huge amount of promo bonus after the deposit a certain amount of money. For instance, if you chose ZAR as your currency you will be given the offer of depositing R50 into your account and getting back a promo bonus of R1200. This doesn’t seem very likely to you, does it? LOL.


How to Withdraw

For those pondering over the main way to withdraw from this platform, well you may have noticed that during registration the platform asked you to provide your wallet address. Well, payment on plusom store is mainly via crypto wallet. When you reach the threshold, which is said to be R30, you will be able to request for your payment in the ‘withdraw’ page. The payment will be sent via crypto currency, if your currency is dollars. For some other countries, pays to their local bank account.



How to Carry Out Plusom.Store Login Or Sign Uo Process

To login or to register is pretty easy, and any one should be able to figure it out without a guide. But here is a simple guide anyways; To sign up on plusom, you can go to the homepage of the website or you can click on a referral link. If you chose the homepage, simply select the option that says ‘create account.’ This will obviously take you to sign up page. On this page, you will be asked to provide your preferred username, a password, a referral code, and your email. After all of that is provided, you will be taken to a page where you will be asked to provide your currency and other bank account details.

After all these are provided, you will now become a member who is eligible to start earning on the same day you joined!


As for logging in, it can also simply be started from the homepage. Just select the ‘login account’ option, get taken to the login page, then provide your username and your password correctly. After that, click on ‘sign in.’ You will get taken to your account dashboard immediately this is done.



Is Plusom.Store Legit or Scam

Well there is a likelihood that will pay some members now that it is just at its beginning phase. But this does not guarantee that the platform is legit. It might just be a plot to get more members to sign up and make deposits. There is a very high chance that plusom is not legit, so even if you are going to be joining this site, do not make any deposits or investments. You may not get back the money you invested. So do not bother to make such risks. To those asking if plusom is legit or scam, you have been warned.


Thanks for reading. If you have comments or contributions to make, comment them below.


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