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Relian-invest Review: Scam Or Legit? Get All Answers Now


If you are looking for a unique platform where you can sign up for free, and possibly earn without having to make any deposits or spend a dime of your own money, well the truth is what you seek will not be easy to find. While there are many online earning sites on the net, a large percentage of these websites are not 100%. The few that are free, are not usually easy to find. But fortunately, they are not impossible to find. There is now a newly launched platform called Relian-invest. It might just be what you have been in search for all these while.


Relian-invest is a really nice earning scheme. The platform is not like those that will ask you to make investments otherwise you will not be able to earn. On this website, members can freely earn everyday. And there are even different ways to earn.


Feeling pumped and interested in joining this platform? Of course you are. LOL. Before joining this earning app, there is still a whole bunch of other things you need to know first. So read to the end of this writeup, before making your final decision on whether this platform is worth your time.



Relian-invest Review

There are so many websites that will promise you that they will make you rich, but at the end of the day these promises are not true. Some of these sites will even leave you poorer than before. This is why you shouldn’t just hop on any money making platform you come across on the net. Be mindful of the platforms you trust!


Now, you will probably be wondering; “Should I trust relian-invest? Even if the platform has the word ‘rely’ in the brand’s name, this doesn’t guarantee anything. If you want to really know if the platform is legit or a scam, simply read to the end of this article and you will get answers.


Something important that all of you readers should note, is that we are not the owners of reliant-invest! This earning app/platform has no affiliate relationship with us. And this article is not meant for promoting or advertising the earning platform. Do well to remember this.


How to make money on Relian-invest?

When you become a member, the only thing going through your mind would be how you can make as much money on relian-invest as possible.


Firstly, you should know that there is the option to invest in any of the different investments packages.


But before you start complaining of having no money to invest, you need not worry about using your own money. This earning app gives R50 to all new members, as a way to welcome them into the community. This R50 sign up bonus can then be used to invest in the cheapest of the investment plans. And when you invest, you will start to earn money daily without carrying out any specific task.


To make even more money on relian-invest, you can decide to start hunting for interested individuals who will be willing to join a money making scheme that pays. When you invite them using your link, you can make lots of money with this action.
There is no limit to how many relian-invest referrals you can get. So as you continue to invite in new folks, don’t bother about reaching the ‘maximum referral limit.’ There is no such thing as this.


How to withdraw money from Relian-invest?

Well you can only withdraw if you already have the app installed on your mobile device.

On relian-invest, members must first carry out the login process before they can start the withdrawal process. To withdraw, you must have accumulated the sum total of R100 in your account dashboard. If you have this amount or more, you can then kickstart the withdrawal process.


To withdraw, provide your account details first. Because without the account details, you won’t be able to get paid. After providing the account details, input in the amount of money you desire to withdraw from the platform.


How to Login or Sign Up on Relian-invest?

If you want to start making money on this website, what you need is to get started with the registration process. To start, you will need to download the relian-invest app. Every action is done in the app, so without the app you can’t possibly earn.


To download the app, go to the website’s homepage first. Then click on ‘free download.’ After downloading, you should find your way to the sign up page(on the app). Then provide your personal information and desired password. After you complete this easy and simple process, you will get rewarded with R50. This bonus is given to all new members of the platform.


“Can someone one login on the website?” No! This is not possible. But as for logging into your account via the app, it is very possible.

To login, open the app on your phone, then find the login page. When on this page, provide your email and your password, then submit and get access to your earning dashboard. Every once in a while you will be required to login, so don’t get surprised when you are sometimes logged out od your account.


Is Relian-invest Legit or Scam?

There are so many money making websites and apps on the internet. Way too many! The issue is that most of them are not legit. But for websites that don’t require you to invest, there is a higher chance that they may actually be legit. Fortunately, relian-invest is one of those earning platforms where you don’t have to make deposits. You can just use the sign up bonus you got.


If you are wondering if this is a guarantee that relian-invest is legit. Well it is not! Relian-invest might be a scam. But we don’t know for sure, as this website is a newly launched platform.


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