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There is a new ‘update’ making rounds on the internet. It is about an earning platform that was recently just launched on the 13th of May. This new earning site is being talked about by many Nigerians online. Many have already joined, and more will definitely still join. The platform is recognized as Robocargohub. It seems like the usual ponzi schemes that comes and goes. Perhaps this one has a unique feature? Well, stay till the end of this review and you will get to know all about the recently launched earning site.


A lot of Nigerians have now resorted to earning online, this is because of the high level of unemployment in the country. Amazingly, settling to earn online is not even a bad choice. There is lots of money to be made from the internet. And the best part is, working online usually means you are working remotely. And we all know the advantages of working remotely. Comes with a lot of freedom no doubt.


In this robocargohub review, you readers will get to learn if this new remote earning site is worth giving a go. Please read all parts of this review writeup. You are likely to benefit from it.



Robocargohub Review

Most times, the mistake people make is to join an earning platform without enough info of how the platform operates. Such act can lead to lots of future challenges, and worst of all you may end up making no money due to insufficient knowledge of what is to be done. So before rushing to join robocargohub, you really should read this article that talks all about it. is being praised online by different individuals. But this doesn’t mean everything that is being said about the platform is true. Even some folks will tell lies that they have gotten paid by the platform. All these is merely to get referrals and nothing more. Do not believe every word you see online.

But be rest assured, this review article will provide nothing but pure facts and accurate information. So keep reading.


Note: This writeup was not done to promote or advertise robocargohub. Readers should make no mistake of thinking we own the platform, or have any partnership with the owners of the platform. This writeup is only to pass correct information!


How to make Money

Before taking any action that will earn you money on robocargohub, the platform owners show generosity to new members by giving the sum of 1,500Naira. Once you sign up on the platform, you too will automatically receive this bonus. Now to further increase your earnings, you can start by ‘referrals.’


Referrals is one of the most famous ways to earn online. It involves getting people to join a platform you are already on. If you succeed at this, you get paid for it.

On robacargohub, a successful referral earns you 40% of your referral’s earnings. This means that if the person you referred earns 1,000Naira the platform will give you 40% of it, which is 400Naira.


Another way to make money on, is by investments. This platform is an investment scheme. One that offers investment packages that lasts for a cycle of 30days.

When a member invests the sum of 3000Naira(this is the least amount that can be deposited), he/she will be getting back returns everyday for 30days. Once the investment cycle is over, you are most likely going to gain way more than you invested.

Note that; Investment is not compulsory.


How to Withdraw

Recall that new members of this platform are given the sum of 1,500Naira as a welcome bonus. Some of you new members may have attempted to withdraw this bonus, but failed at this. This may be because of the fact that the platform minimum withdrawal threshold is set to 3,000naira. Any member with earnings less than 3,000Naira will most likely not be able to complete the withdrawal process.


To place a withdrawal, simply login to your account and then click ‘withdraw.’ This will lead you to the page where you will need to provide tourist bank account details and the amount you desire to withdraw.


How to Perform Login / Sign Up

There are different reasons to login to your account dashboard, it could be to get your referral link or to go check on your investment. Either ways, logging in frequently is quite necessary on this platform. So if you don’t know how to, then here is the quick and easy guide; To start, simply go to the homepage of robocargohub. This website homepage will automatically ask you for your phone number and password. Provide it accurately, then submit and instantly get logged back into your account.


As for the sign up process, well if you need a reason to sign up on this platform then you should think about the welcome bonus of 1,500 given to all members. If this is enough motivation, or if you already wished to join regardless, then here is how to register; You can click on a referral link or go to the homepage. Next, from the homepage simply click ‘register’ and you will get taken to sign up page. On this page, type in your phone number, password, and a referral code(if you have one). Then submit and instantly be gifted the welcome bonus.


Is Legit or Scam

Robocargohub is a new earning site that is not up to a month old(as at the time this article was written). And to tell if an earning site is legit or a scam, it must first be observed for a while. Perhaps it is too early to give a final verdict. But for now, there is no proof of payment from any robocargohub member.


If the days go by and no one comes forth to show that they got paid, then this can only mean one thing – which is, is not legit!
Let’s have our eyes peeled out and see how things go.


Thanks for reading to the end. Do comment below if you have contributions.


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