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Share-Sasol App: Is Legit or Scam?


The best time to start your earning journey is now! So if you have been procrastinating joining an earning site, then the only one at loss is you. There are so many money making websites online, so if you aren’t earning from at least one, then what exactly are you using your online presence for? It had better be something good.

Meanwhile, there is an earning site currently trending at the moment. Many know it as the ‘Sasol App.’ Others call it


Share-sasol is a newly introduced earning website that people are making money on. It is free to join, but earning on the website is not entirely free. If you have always wanted to try out an investment website, then you really should show interest in the share-sasol platform. It is a decent earning site after all.

So, sit back and relax as we give you all the necessary info about the trending money making site that has got many internet users excited.



Share-sasol Review is a website that is primarily for making money, the owners of the platform don’t seem to have any other motives. So if your goal is to make money, and nothing else, then your interests align with this platform. Now you have more reasons to take sasol app more seriously.


Apparently, most people do not take these earning sites seriously. Lots of folks online still believe that the only real way to make money online is if you have a service to offer or a product to sell. Snap out of it! This is 2024, and people with absolutely no skill can make money by performing simple tasks. This can be achieved with websites like share-sasol. Keep reading this review to learn more about this earning site.


If you are already a member of this platform, being on this page simply means that you probably have a challenge or a bother. If you have come to this page to seek answers to your questions, then you are definitely on the right page. This article will give answers to; How to earn on sasol app? Is legit or scam? How to withdraw? Among many others.


How to make Money on Share-sasol

There is nothing difficult about this earning platform. To make money on sasol app, you have the option to make deposits/investment or go about with referrals.


For investments, members who make a minimum of R50 will be allowed to earn back R15 daily till the cycle is over. There are so many investment packages to choose from though, but the minimum investment package is worth R50.


Making money on share-sasol via investment is cool, but making money via referral is even better. For the investments, you get to earn fixed amount of money daily. However, when you get referrals, you can earn large figures in just one day. How much you earn daily is determined by how many referrals you can get daily. The more people you invite/refer, the more money for you.


Note: There is no fixed amount as payment for your referrals. You will get certain percentages of your referrals earnings. So the higher their earnings, the higher yours will be as well. Also, when trying to get referrals, do well to tell the people you are referring, that making deposits may be actually necessary on this platform.


How to Withdraw from

Just like there is a minimum investment amount, there is also a minimum withdrawal amount too. Surprisingly, the minimum amount that can be withdrawn is also the same as the minimum amount that can be deposited. The amount is R50, and any member that cannot have at least R50 earnings will not be allowed to make a withdrawal.


To withdraw on share-sasol is really easy. You can do so by first logging into your account. Next, click on ‘withdrawal.’ After that, provide your bank account details and submit the amount that you desire to withdraw. Normally, the payment shouldn’t take more than 24hours to arrive.


How to go about Login or Sign Up Process

You cannot earn a dime from sasol app if you do not first sign up on the platform. So to start earning, it is necessary you do the registration process. Before starting the registration process, ask a friend for a referral link. But if you do not have a friend who is involved with this platform, simply go to the homepage and click ‘register now.’


You will be taken to sign up page, and this is the page where you provide your phone number and a preferred password of your choice. Once you have filled the blank boxes, click ‘register now.’
Unfortunately, after completing the sign up process, there is no welcome bonus given to members. Most earning websites are known to give bonuses to new members, but sasol app doesn’t work that way.


When you get logged out of your account, you can always simply login in less than a minute. Already, the homepage is the share-sasol login page. So the only thing left to do is to provide your phone number and password. When you do this, click on ‘login’ to get logged in.



Is Legit or Scam

It was not too long ago that share-sasol got launched, but ever since then different people have been asking how legit is this platform.


Since it is an investment website, it is very necessary to know if is legit before deciding to make any deposits. And since there are now so many scam investment sites, it is hard to trust all online schemes.


For those that are asking the question, “is legit or scam?” The thing is, even we are not so sure. All we know is that if you are going to invest in this platform, then you should know that is a risk that may or may not work out for you.
Keep this piece of info in mind.


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