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Shoplly Review: Is Legit or Scam?


Earning money has never been so easy compared to how it is in this current generation. Before now, earning involves lots of hard work and strife, but now all you have to do is open your smart phone and start raking in thousands and hundreds of thousands of your local currency. The internet deserves all of the credit for this. It is thanks to the internet that we have platforms like Shoplly. Do you know about this new earning website? is one of numerous ways to make money with just your mobile device. It involves zero hard work, and no physical strength. This is a platform that allows all Nigerians to join and earn on the same day. If all of this is new to you, then it means you have been on the wrong side of the internet all these while. There are many websites similar to, so nothing about this should be new to you.


Want to know how this platform works? Then read to the very end of this review writeup. Review

If you don’t know how works, but you really want to be a part of the platform and earn money, then there’s nothing to worry about. Just reading this review to the end will provide you with all of the info you need. The explanations, the answers to questions, the pros and cons e.t.c.


In this review, you readers will be given answers to questions like: Who is the owner of shoplly? How can one easily make money on the platform? Is legit or scam? And many other frequently asked questions. Stick around if you don’t want to miss any vital info.


How to make Money on Shoplly

There are two ways to make money on shoplly at the moment. Let us first start with the underrated method of earning.
This is earning by referrals, and it is a way to earn without spending or doing anything stressful. To earn by referrals, you will need to get many people to sign up on the website and they must all use your referral link while registering. referral earns you 10% commission of their earnings. So if you were to refer ten people and all ten of them earn 10,000Naira. This would mean you too will earn a total of 10,000naira(1000naira from each of them). It is definitely an underrated method of earning. So get your shoplly referral link and start referring asap!


The main way to earn on this platform is via investment. This shoplly earning site has got different investment packages for different members. Any of the package that you like, you can choose to invest in. Right now, the cheapest costs 2000Naira. If you invest in the cheapest, you will get back 1,300Naira daily for the next three days.


As you can see, this is a website with a short investment cycle. It is what most people term as a ‘quick investment scheme.’


How to Withdraw on

There are a couple of rules that comes in when it is time to withdraw on shoplly. Check them out below;

Minimum withdrawal amount for Main balance is ₦2,000.

Minimum withdrawal amount for Referral balance is ₦5,000.

Withdrwal days are Monday – Friday.
Kindly link a valid bank account details to your account.

We are not responsible for money withdrawn to a wrong bank account.


To place withdrawal, you will first need to log into your account. Next, click ‘me.’ Then, click ‘withdraw.’ On this page, provide your bank account details and how much you want to withdraw from the platform.


How to go about Login or Registration Process

You probably may think that signing up on shoplly is difficult, but it is not. You can start and finish the process in just a couple of minutes. To sign up, click on a referral link and get yourself to sign up page. Then, provide your phone number, password, and email, and a referral code. Then submit and start earning as a member.


For login process, head to the homepage and get yourself to the login page. Then provide your phone number and password. Then submit.



Is Legit or Scam

While some are doubting, some have deposited and started earning to see if they will get paid. One of the things you have to know about earning sites like, is that there is risk involved. There is usually no certainty about the platform being legit, so if you want to find out if shoplly is legit or scam then you will have to take the risk yourself.


Currently, there have been no payment proofs to back up claims that is legit. But there have also been no claims from internet users that is a scam. So nothing is certain for now.


Thanks for reading to the end of this review article. Kindly drop your comments below, and do well to share.


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