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Super-indomie Investment: Is Legit or Scam?


If you have been looking for a quick investment scheme with a short investment cycle, then the easiest way to find what you need is by hopping online and joining online investment websites. On the internet, you are sure to find investment websites with investment cycles as short as three days. And believe me when I say that the return on investments are mind blowing. Need an example? There is the newly launched website known as


Super-indomie investment is a website where you can earn quick and easy money. The platform doesn’t seem to have any complications, and people from all parts of Nigeria can join and start earning on this website.


Just incase you were wondering, this investment scheme is NOT related to Indomie Noodles company. Whoever runs this investment site is not the owner of the popular Noodles company.
In fact, the owner of super-indomie investment is not even known. But then, this is a common feat amongst investment owners. Review

If you are new to super-indomie investment, or you want to join the platform, it is important to read to the end of this article. It will help you understand how the website works, and the different ways to make money on this new site. Everything you need to know will be made mention right here on this page.


In this review, many answers will be provided to you readers. This includes answers to questions like: When was super-indomie launched? How to go about login process? Is legit or scam? And many more questions.


How to Make Money on Super-indomie

This is a platform that was launched on the 31st of May(2024). Obviously, this was not a long time ago but yet so many people have joined and started earning since its launch.

To start earning on this site, here are a few things you should know. Firstly, this is an investment platform, so if you do not want to deposit then it’s best to stay away from this site. Secondly, if you are going to earn by invitations, then your invitees too will need to make deposits as well.


The main way to earn on super-indomie investment is obviously by investments. The platform gives different packages, and the cheapest is worth just 1000naira. This investment package goes on for just three days, and members earn back the sum of 1500naira after the cycle is complete. Other packages costs more money, but they also earn you more returns as well.


The other way to earn is by referrals.


Super-indomie referrals earn you a percentage of the earnings the people you referred have made. The more money that they make will determine the more money you get as well. To refer, simply log into your account and click ‘team.’ You will be taken to the website’s referral page and you will get your link on this page. Then start sharing the link with your friends and online mates.


How to Withdraw on

To place a withdrawal, a member has to earn up to 500Naira. It is not a large sum of money, so this can be done easily and quickly. Once you have earned well, click ‘mine’ in your dashboard and then find and click ‘withdraw.’

Provide your bank account details accurately, and then type in the amount you desire to withdraw from the platform. Your money should be sent after a while.


How to go about Login or Sign Up Process

To perform login process, go to the homepage. This is the same as the website’s login page. So just input your phone number and password, then submit and get logged in.


Super-indomie investment sign up process is just as easy too. To sign up, go to the homepage and click ‘register.’ Or use a referral link to get to the registration page. Then on sign up page, provide your personal details(like full name, email, phone number, and preferred password). Then submit and instantly start your earning journey on the platform.



Is Legit or Scam

As a member of super-indomie investment, never forget that what you have joined is what is referred to as a ponzi scheme. And bear in mind that ponzi’s do not stay for long. So do not give this platform 100% of your trust. Super-indomie may be legit during the beginning days of its launch, but there is a high chance that the site will stop paying in the long run.


For those asking “is legit or scam?” The answer is, this platform will not remain legit for a long time! So if you are going to invest, do well to only invest as much as you can afford to lose.


Thanks for reading to the end of this review article.


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