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I remember few years back, when I thought that before a person can make money online, he/she must have spent months or years making moves and working hard to achieve this goal. LOL. Little did I know that earning doesn’t always have to be that hard. The whole purpose of earning online is to make things easier for people of this generation. And this is why we have online money making sites like


When you hear superlink, what comes to your mind? Never mind answering that. Let me tell you what the platform is. is an avenue to increase your wealth. Don’t get your hopes up high though, a website like this one cannot turn you into a millionaire overnight. But it can earn you thousands of Naira if you do everything right.


If you live in Nigeria, and you have access to the internet, then you definitely should know about this superlink earning website. Even if you have a source of income, this platform can still help you earn more money. So walk with me, and let’s get you educated. Review

As a Nigerian, most of us spend most of our time complaining of how there are not good jobs in the country. What we fail to realize, is that we have the internet in our fingertips. So rather than lament about being jobless, and using the internet to watch TikToks and Reels all day long, there are many platforms you could join and start earning real money. And with the way members of superlink have been going on and on about how amazing the platform is, then you could consider signing up on the platform.


But before actually going on with the sign up process, perhaps you should learn all about how the platform works first. In this review, you will be enlightened on how this website works.


Some members have been asking different questions about the earning site. Some are asking if is legit or a scam, others are asking for ways to withdraw from the platform. There are also those asking for steps on how to carry out login process. Whatever your questions or challenges are, this review article will do well to provide you with a solution.


How to Make Money

Something to not worry about, is having to make investments on this platform. Fortunately, members of can earn without making any deposits. So this basically means there is no possible way of losing money.


There are different ways to make money on Superlink. You can start with performing tasks. Tasks can earn you 50Naira for every one you complete. Here is how to perform tasks; “To complete tasks on Superlink: 1. Log in and go to the task section. 2. Click the “Yellow Button” task, follow the redirection, then return to Superlink. 3. Navigate to the task section again. 4. Click the “Red Button” task to claim your earnings. Ensure accuracy and follow instructions for successful completion and earning crediting.”


Another way to make money on superlink is by watching video ads. There are lots of videos available, so you can watch as many videos as you like. The more you watch, the more you earn.


Lastly, members can make money on superlink by getting referrals. This is the most rewarding way to earn money. When you get a successful referral, you will be rewarded with the sum of 250Naira. Amazingly, there are no limits to how many referrals you can get in a day. So to make more money, create a target of getting a specific amount of referrals in one day, everyday! Make the most of this earning site, and earn good cash!


How to Withdraw from

Wanna cash out your earnings? Well this is an easy process. But first, you must have made up to 10,000Naira accumulated earnings. If you have indeed earned up to that amount, or more, then you can begin the withdrawal process. To withdraw, login to your account dashboard, then click on ‘cashout.’ Lastly, type in the amount you wish to withdraw, and select either activity balance or referral balance. Then submit and await your earnings.



How to Perform Login or Sign Up Process

As a non-member, you won’t be allowed to earn on superlink. So start your earning journey by signing up. To sign up, click on any referral link you can get your hands on.


You will then be taken to sign up page. On this page, you will be asked to first provide your bank account details. Then, you will be taken to a page where you will be asked to provide your personal details(like your name, email, and password). After doing all of these, the platform will reward you with a bonus amount of 1000Naira. You can withdraw this registration bonus when you reach the minimum withdrawal threshold.


The login process is just as easy as the sign up process. To login into your superlink dashboard, all you need to do is find your way to the homepage first. From there, click on the menu icon on the top right corner of your screen, then select ‘login.’
When you land on login page, type in your correct username and password, then click on ‘login.’ The steps are quite easy to complete!



Is Legit or Scam

Since superlink is not an investment website, many people have come to a conclusion that the platform is legit. Well, even earning websites that don’t ask you to invest can also be scam websites too! Don’t jump into conclusions guys.


The owners of make money from ads, so it is possible that they could actually pay members if they wanted to. There is a high chance that could be legit, but not many people are showing off their payments to prove that superlink is indeed legit. Besides, reaching the minimum withdrawal threshold is a chore. To find out for sure if this earning site isn’t a scam, you can give it a try yourself. Then come back and drop your comments below.
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