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When you decide to earn money by joining different platforms you come across online, you will be surprised to discover so many possible ways to earn. Ways that include no stress or brain power. For instance, did you know that it is possible to earn lots of money just by spinning a wheel on your mobile device screen? Yes, this is very possible. Just recently, a new platform with this simple earning method got launched. The platform is known as is made for South Africans. If you have actively been earning on different platforms, you will immediately realize the resemblance that this new earning site has with Btbranch(or ttranch). So many internet users made money from btbranch, so if is going to be anything like it, then there is also lots of money to be made from this platform as well.


In this review article, the A to Z of this platform will be discussed. So read to the very end. Review

Not many joined btranch, so this probably means they have little or no experience with a site like supermarket-africa. So, if you are finding it hard to understand how the platform works, then simply read to the end of this article.


In this article, some of the things that will be discussed, includes; The different ways to earn money from the earning site, how to easily place withdrawals, how to go about the login process e.t.c.
Also, this article will include an answer to the popular question, “Is legit or scam?”

Stay with us till the very end…


How to make Money from

There are at least two ways to make money from supermarket-africa. The first earning method was previously discussed at the beginning of this review writeup. This is the ability to earn by spinning wheels. Yes, you can make easy money just by daily spin on a virtual wheel.


Note that this platform is also an investment website. To earn more money from daily spins, you can choose to invest in any available plan or package. This will increase the amount you earn from the daily spins you participate in.


To make even more money on, you can go meet your online friends and families to join the platform. This is known as referrals.

Referrals on supermarket-africa will also earn you as well. All you have to do is login to your account dashboard, copy your referral link, share the link to friends and families, then ask them to sign up with your link. The referral act can earn you free spins, and the free spins can earn you even more money.


There have probably never been a more easier way to earn money online. If you don’t find this fascinating, then you must be a hard man/woman to impress.


How to Withdraw

You can easily place withdrawal anytime you like. But bear in mind that you must have at least R100 earnings in your dashboard. Anyone with lesser amount accumulated will not be allowed to place withdrawal.


To place a withdrawal, first log into your account. Then, go to your earnings page and choose the withdrawal option. Next, provide your bank account details. Ensure you type in accurate details, then submit and request the amount you wish to withdraw.
Withdrawal can be allowed on any day of the week, and at any time of the day.


How to go about Sign Up or Login Process

To sign up, simply get yourself a referral link first. Click on the link and you will find yourself on sign up page. On this page, provide your phone number, password, and the other details that you are asked for. Then submit to start earning money daily.
No, there is no welcome bonus on this platform. So don’t look forward to it!


To log into your account, go to the homepage and find the login page.
On login page, type in your mobile number and password. Then submit and gain instant access into your dashboard once again.



Is Legit or Scam is being hyped on online. But this does not guarantee that the platform will pay. Using btbranch as an example, this platform paid many members in its early stage, but eventually stopped being legit. If supermarket-africa will be similar, then this means that only new members will make money from the platform. Will you be willing to take such risk?


As for those asking – “is legit or scam?” The answer is ‘partially.’ This site will pay some members, but not everyone will be fortunate to be among the lucky ones.
Thanks for reading this article to the end.


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