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In Nigeria, there are so many people that say terrible things about ponzi schemes. There’s no denial, ponzi is not a recommended way to earn money. However, there is a significant amount of people who earn a living by joining ponzi schemes early and cashing out right before the platform becomes a scam. Are you one of such kinds of people? If yes, then there is goodnews. A new ponzi website just got launched, and if you are interested in joining it, then it is my privilege to tell you all about it. The earning platform is called Teempay. Have you heard about it before now? is a platform for Nigerians. Although possessing no unique features, this platform does have a lot of tempting offers. There are so many ways to make money from this new website. And if you would be interested in it, then read every line of this writeup.


This review article will give you all the info you need. So take a sit and dive right in! Review

If you have lots of free time, then you should be getting involved with platforms like teempay(not necessarily teempay though). Remember the saying, “no one is coming to save you.” So if you are going to help yourself achieve financial freedom, then your best bet will be to give online earning platforms a try.

Earning online is not going to be easy though. There will be lots of challenges and issues, but with review articles like this one you are currently reading, you stand a higher chance of excelling and making lots of money from the internet.


Now, if you know nothing about, you need not be worried. This review article will guide you and give you the pros and cons of being a member of the earning platform. Also, this review article will provide answers to some of the many questions – For example; “Is legit or scam?”


Important Note: Please bear in mind that we are not the owners of the earning site. This blog is solely meant to educate readers, and not to promote or advertise any earning site. We also have no affiliations with earning websites like teempay.


How to Make Money on Teempay

If you want to start making money on, there is a list of actions that you can choose from.

An action as simple as logging in daily will earn you the sum of 100Naira every day. This is one of the simplest way to earn.

Another way to increase your earnings is via the daily task method. When you hear task, do not be concerned about performing any physical or challenge tasks. The daily task on teempay is simple, and can be done in few minutes.


Another way to earn is by reading news. For those who love to read, this is a very rewarding way to earn money online. You get 20Naira for reading news, and 20Naira for commenting in the news posts.


One of the most rewarding way to earn money on is by sharing sponsored posts. When you do this, the platform rewards you with 250Naira daily.

Then the last, and also the most popular way to earn, is teempay referrals. This is the act of inviting people to join the platform. The reward for this action is also 250Naira too. You can refer as many people as possible, so that reaching the withdrawal goal will be easy and quick. If you can refer 20 people in one day, that’s free N5,000 by just working online.


How to Withdraw on Teempay

Members are allowed to withdraw as soon as they reach the withdrawal threshold. On this platform, the withdrawal threshold is 10,000Naira for non-referral earnings. While those who earn via referrals are allowed to withdraw as little as 9500Naira.


You can attempt to withdraw anyday on teempay, but payments will be made only on the 16th of every month. So it is better to wait till the 16th before attempting to withdraw.

To withdraw, login to your account and find the withdraw page. Then, provide your bank account details and submit.


How to Perform Login or Sign Up Process

You may find this hard to believe, but signing up on is 100% free. Most earning sites will ask you to buy a coupon code before you can go ahead with registration, but this platform doesn’t charge a dime from its members. Also, after completing the sign up process, a welcome bonus of 2500Naira is given to you. Just to thank you for being a part of community.


Find this fascinating? Then get started with the sign up page now by heading to the homepage and clicking on ‘signup.’
On teempay sign up page, provide your username, password, email, and full name. Then submit and start your earning journey as a member.


Recall that daily logins on will earn you 100Naira. So it is essential to carry out the login process every single day. To login, go to the homepage of this platform and click ‘login.’
On the login page of teempay, you will be required to type in your username and password. Do so correctly, then submit and get your daily login earnings.

Incase you can’t remember your sign in details, click the option that says ‘lost your password.’



Is Legit or Scam

Teempay is a platform that doesn’t ask you to make any deposit or ask you to pay for anything. If you spend your time go about and asking if teempay is legit or scam, rather than earning, then you probably do not have interest in this platform.
You have nothing to lose if is a scam. As long as you didn’t put your money into the platform, then it is definitely worth a shot.


So instead of repeatedly asking if is legit or a scam, how about you repeatedly get involved with the tasks on the site that will earn you money. In time, you will learn if the site was worth it.
Thanks for reading to the end of this review!


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