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Even though so many people talk about how ponzi schemes have done more harm than good to the society, there are still hundreds of thousands of individuals out there that benefit greatly from ponzi scheme websites. Everyone has his/her own hustle, and some have decided for themselves that their field is joining ponzi sites early and making lots of money before the platform stops paying. It is a pretty brilliant idea, but a risky one to take.
When it comes to ponzi scheme, a newly launched one worth having a look at is the Nigerian earning site known as Tiffany-vip. is a ponzi scheme platform that give online users living in Nigeria, an opportunity to earn without having to do any work. It is a chance for people to earn remotely and, from the comfort of their home. Lots of people are excited about tiffany-vip launch. They believe they can make lots of money from this new website, but the thing is, not everyone who is joining have got full knowledge of how this platform works. Review

While many are signing up on tiffany-vip with little or no knowledge about the site, except from the fact that they know they could potentially earn on the site, the wise ones are digging and doing research to make sure findings on everything about the platform. It is important to always dig deep before registering on a platform like this one. Why? Because, this is not a free platform. Yes, you get to join for free. But to further increase your earnings, at some point you may need to make deposits into the platform.


Every platform that involves deposits/investments is a platform that deserves double checks and extra cautiousness. So before making any drastic moves, it will be of great benefit to you if you will first read to the end of this review. Read and get all the answers you need here first.


Disclaimer! We are not the owners of Tiffany-Vip. In fact, no one even knows who the true owners of the platform are. Please bear in mind that this review was written just for educational purposes, not to promote or advertise the earning website to our readers!


How to make Money

You may be surprised to hear this, but this website doesn’t really possess any unique feature. One of the main ways to earn on the platform is by Referral. This is not something new, and people who have been actively earning on different money making sites are well aware of how referrals work. To clarify, you earn via tiffany-vip referrals when you successfully get someone to register on this platform using your own link. The reward for every successful referral is 30% of your invitees invested amount. Interestingly, you can get as many referrals as you like!


Asides referring, members are gifted the sum of 50Naira daily when they login. This is another way to earn cash. Although small, the daily reward is still pretty cool.


Finally, members can make money on tiffany-vip by choosing one of the different investment plans. The least or cheaper plan/package is worth 2,500Naira and this plan gives members 500Naira daily return.
The most expensive package is worth 25,000Naira and this plan gives back 5,500Naira daily. Members of the platform are privileged to choose whichever plan they want. Simply follow your budget, and start that investment today.


How to Withdraw

As a member of this platform, if you have earned some revenue and you want to place withdrawal, then you can go ahead with the process by starting with logging in. Once you are logged in, you will need to find and click ‘withdraw.’ This takes you to the withdrawal page where you can provide your bank account details and the amount you desire to cash out.

On tiffany-vip, members are not allowed to place withdrawal less than 1,000Naira. So try to earn a good amount of revenue before attempting to place withdrawal. Otherwise, the process will fail no matter how many times you try.


How to Login or Sign Up on

To register on this platform, you will need to take a few easy actions. You can start by getting yourself a referral link to click on and get to the sign up page. But if you cannot get one, then simply head to the homepage and select ‘sign up.’

On sign up page, you will be asked to provide a phone number, password, and an invite code(E5V2E2). After all these have been provided, simply click on ‘sign up now.’ When you are done with signing up, you will be given a welcome bonus of 1,000Naira.


To login into your account is also very easy. Also, it is quite necessary. Remember that daily login will also earn you money in this platform. Everyday, members get 50Naira when they carry out tiffany-vip login process. To do this easy action, simply go to the website homepage.
This page will redirect you to the login page, and all you have to do next is to provide your phone number and password. Then click on ‘sign in now.’ And that will be all for logging in.


Is Legit or Scam

Well, since you already know that platform is a ponzi scheme then this means you are aware that in the nearest future the platform wilk stop paying members. However, since tiffany-vip is newly launched, the platform may actually pay a lot of new members. This is usually how it works. No promises made though.


There are many people showing off payments to prove that is legit, so if you want to know if people are getting paid well then the answer is yes. This however does not guarantee that tiffany-vip will remain legit for long. Please be guided, do not give ponzi schemes your 100% trust.


Thank you for reading the review to the end. Do drop your comments below, if you have any.


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