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Tsla-io Review: Is Legit? Find Out


If you need a website with a high chance of you investing and getting back your invested amount, along with interests, well then you can set your eyes on the platform known as tsla-io.

Note that we said ‘a platform with a high chance.’ This doesn’t guarantee that the platform is 100%. Sadly, there is almost no way of guaranteeing that a platform is 100% trusted these days. But anyways, let us tell you all about this new platform called tsla-io and how it works. is a newly launched site. It is a platform made for Nigerians, and the primary goal of this platform is for members to be able to earn money daily. There is no other activity asides earning money.
Note that, this platform has no affiliation with the actual Tesla platform. So do not make assumptions or conclusions that Tesla is the company/brand that oversees the affairs of tsla-io.


To know more about this earning site, read to the end of this review article. Review

There are lots of ways to make money from the internet, but if you do not know the right steps to take then you will never be able to do it right and earn well. The same can also be said for members of tsla-io members. Without enough knowledge, you won’t be able to take the right steps to earn. So read to the end of this review article before taking any drastic step to earn money from the platform.


In this article, you will learn a lot. This includes answers to questions like: How to earn? How to login? Is Legit or scam? And many more.


How to Earn with

Making money online is easy, while making money on tsla-io is even easier. This platform has got a list of virtual ‘products’ that you can invest in. Just log into your account and click ‘products.’ You will be shown different investment packages ranging in different prices. The least of the prices is just 2000naira. This means members can invest at least 2,000Naira and start earning daily returns.
The daily income earn is at least 900Naira, and the investment is said to go on for 90days straight.


There are many other investment packages made available on the product page of, so you can feel free to check them out.


Another interesting way is to earn via referral. You may have guessed this already. Earning via referral is a quick way to earn money daily without any challenges. All you have to do is give your tsla-io referral link to anyone who cares, and is not already a member of the platform.
When a friend you invite registers and invests, you will immediately receive a cash reward of 35% of the friend’s investment amount.


How to Withdraw on Tsla-io

One of the best features that this platform has is that members do not need to wait for a long time before they can be eligible to withdraw. With just as little as 1000Naira, you can go ahead with the registration process. Do note that, if you invest and start earning, you should be able to earn 1,000Naira in just two days. So it won’t even take long to make your first cashout on this website.


To withdraw, simple click ‘withdraw’ in your dashboard, then make sure to type in your accurate bank account details before requesting for the amount you desire to withdraw.



How to Carry Out Login or Sign Up Process

To sign up on this site, you can simply get yourself a referral link from anywhere online and then click on it. This will take you to tsla-io sign up page, and this page will ask for your phone number and desired password before you can complete the process.


To log into your account, go to the homepage and click ‘login.’ Then on login page, input your password and phone number to login. Ensure you type in accurate details while logging in or signing up.



Is Legit or Scam

At the start of this review article, it was made clear that there is no investment website that is 100% guaranteed to be legit. So if you need to be 100% sure that tsla-io is legit before you join, then you will never join. So many online earning sites are scams, and there is a possibility that tsla-io is a scam too! We can’t make any promises to you.

So if you want to try out this platform, ensure you only invest wisely. You may be glad you invested, or not. The choice is yours to make!

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