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Weeklybucks Review(Find Out if Is Legit or Not)


“If you are student, un-employed, use internet daily? You use facebook, Instagram, TikTok or Twitter?”
These words can boldly be seen on the homepage of the website. This passes a message across to not just students, but internet users as a whole, that it is possible to make money online by using social media platforms(facebook, twitter, instagram, tiktok) that was initially meant for other purposes.


This is in fact very correct. Social media is a source of income for so many internet users. You probably may not know, but not everyone on Facebook is on the app to make new friends and meet new people. Lots of them Facebook folks use it to make good money.


Don’t know how you too can earn money via Facebook, or other social apps? Well this is where weeklybucks comes in.

It is a money making that gives the internet users a chance to earn for free. Yes, you read it right! is a 100% free website. This isn’t like those investment earning sites that are all over the internet, this site doesn’t require a sign up fee or a ‘deposit to earn’ fee.
You will earn from this site without spending a dime of your own money.


Wanna learn all about how it works? Then walk with me…



Weeklybucks Review

This review article is here to make you better understand how weeklybucks works and how the earnings work.
And for members who are already earning on this site, you can also learn a lot from this review article. For instance, ‘how to carry out the withdrawal process.’


For every earning site out there, a thorough and in-depth explanation is needed. And weeklybucks is no different. And if you think you do not need this explanation, then you are actually wrong. Chances are that you may face a challenge, or two and you will remain stuck because you do not know the next step to take. Your challenge may be knowing how to earn more, or knowing how to do something as simple as even signing up. It could be anything.


So read to the end of this weeklybucks review article, and you will receive different eye-openers.


As you read through the lines of this article, keep in mind that this article is not meant to be a promotional article. The purpose of this whole writeup is to educate all who have interest in the weeklybucks earning platform. This blog has no affiliation or partnership with this earning site, or any earning site for that matter.


How to Earn from Weeklybucks

The most important thing is earning. The platform is an earning site, so if you do not earn then that defeats the whole purpose of joining the platform.
So if you want to earn, then you first need to know all the possible ways to go about this. allows members to earn by carrying out tasks on the site. These tasks are as simple as getting your link, and sharing on different social media platforms. If you are on lots of social apps, then it is best to share your link to every single one of them.

Note that, a single click to your link can earn you the sum of $5. So as more people get to click on your link, you get more earnings daily.


Pro tip: If you do not have many followers or friends on social media, then you should consider sharing the links to friends and families that are actively online.


The whole purpose of weeklybucks, according to the platform, is to generate traffic for their advertisers websites. Now that you get the memo, you do realize how easy this is, right?


How to perform Weeklybucks Login and Sign Up Process

You can start earning only after you have performed the weeklybucks sign up process. So first and most important thing to do is to sign up!


To sign up, you should go over to your phone/pc browser and type in
This takes you to the website’s homepage, and from there you can quickly and easily get to the website’s sign up page.

On this page, provide your email, preferred username, and password. Then submit and start earning as soon as possible.


When you complete the registration process, you will find a balance of $20 in your dashboard. This $20 is a sign up bonus, courtesy of the platform.


You can also login easily too. To go about the login process, simply head to the homepage and select the ‘login’ option.
Once you are on the login page, type in your email and password. Then submit.


How to Withdraw from Weeklybucks

The toughest part about this website, will arguably be the part where you get to the minimum withdrawal threshold.


The minimum withdrawal threshold is said to be $500. And members that have less than the stated amount will not be allowed to withdraw.


To place a withdrawal on weeklybucks, you will need either a PayPal, Cheque, Western Union, or Money Gram account. If you somehow reach the $500 threshold, you will be able to place a withdrawal.


In all honesty, this makes the platform ridiculous. It is almost impossible to earn up to $500 on the platform, and the platform owners are well aware of this. They made it hard so members will have issues with withdrawals.


Is Weeklybucks Legit or Scam?

While you may believe that there is no reason for this site to be a scam, the sad truth is that there is actually a possibility that is a scam. This is because, for years that have been sites similar to this one. They all use the same website script, with the same patterns and designs. And a huge percentage of those websites were all scam.


For people wondering if is legit or not, perhaps you might want to ask yourself how many people have showed you that they got paid by this earning site.


Thanks for reading this article to the end. Drop a comment below if you have any.


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