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If you all you do online is to make new friends, follow the latest trends, get info on the latest gists, and read news, then this can mean one of two things. It is either you are extremely rich, or you just like to waste your time on the internet even though you know you are broke. If it is the latter for you, then why have you not started hunting for online money making platforms. There are literally hundreds of them that you can join for free. So why not start now and start putting your usage of the internet to better use. Have you heard about Zenithabcapp? is a money making website made for Nigerians and people living in Nigeria. It is a newly launched website that can you money if you register and carry out the different tasks and jobs available in your dashboard. When you hear the word ‘job’ you really shouldn’t be bothered about having to do any stressful activity. Everything on zenithabcapp is entirely streesfree, and rewarding. Stick to the end of this review to know more about how the platform works. Review

Are you already a member of If no, then you are making a wise decision by reading this review before actually signing up on the platform. If no, this doesn’t change the fact that you still won’t learn a lot from this article.


This platform cannot be considered as one that is to complicated, or hard to understand. But regardless, this review writeup will make you better understand how things work, and also inform you of the pros and cons of joining the website. Zenith abc app is a newly launched website, so few people have info about the earning site. This review will help you to be among the few that have a vast knowledge of how the website works. And it will definitely help you to overcome any likely challenge you will face as a member of the website. Reading to the end of this zenithabcapp review is a necessity for both members and prospective members!


Disclaimer Alert! Our blog is in no partnership with the owners of zenith abc app. This review article is only to help internet folks gain knowledge about this new earning site. We don’t own the site, and we have no intentions of advertising or promoting the site.


How to make Money

If you are interested in, then it definitely means you want to make money. Now, here is how you can easily make money.


For starters, you can immediately start earning by looking for people on the internet that also want to make money online. You can then go ahead to convince them to join zenithabcapp, and give them your unique referral link.

The website pays members from the earnings of their invitees whenever they successfully get an invite. So if you can get about five referrals daily, you would be making lots of money at the end of every week.


You can also earn by depositing and investing in the various available plans. The cheapest of all plans is worth only 2700Naira, and when you invest in this plan you will be guaranteed the sum of 1134Naira daily for thirty one days. If you do the math, you will realize that actually gives a huge return on investment.

There are other investment plans available on this site, although they cost way more money but at least, the returns are appealing. Feel free to check them all out.


How to Withdraw

Most members think they can just place a withdrawal of any amount, and successfully get paid. But this is not how the platform works. On this platform, just like many other earning platforms, there is a withdrawal threshold that all members must reach before they can be allowed to make a successful withdrawal. On zenith abc app, the minimum withdrawal is set around 1000Naira. If you’ve successfully earned this, you can place withdrawal by going to your account dashboard, clicking on ‘withdraw,’ providing your account details, and then providing the amount you desire to cash out.


How to Perform Login or Sign Up Process

On this website, you can start earning the minute you register. So the only you between you and earning on, is the registration process!


To start the registration process, find yourself a referral link or find your way to the homepage. When you click on a referral link, you will be taken to the sign up page, and on this page you will be asked to provide your phone number, and your preferred password. That is all you need to do to sign up on this website.
Just so you know, there is no sign up bonus on this site. So begin earning immediately if you want to reach the withdrawal threshold in no time.


To get access to your dashboard, you will be required to perform login process. The login process can be started and completed in just a minute, if you have good internet. And similar to the sign up process, the only thing you will be needing to login is just your phone number and account password. You can easily find your way to the login page, from the homepage. Then provide the necessary info, submit, and get access into your dashboard!


Is Legit or Scam

Many people ask as if they do not know that this platform is a ponzi scheme. And everyone knows better than to trust a ponzi scheme. Eventually, all ponzi’s come to an end. And zenith abc app will be no different.


If you think is legit, then you are probably not wrong. But you would be wrong to believe that this platform would be around for a long time. Don’t make the mistake of thinking this is going to be a long term ‘thingy.’ This platform will only be around for a short while before it crashes!


That will be all for this review writeup. Drop a comment below if you have any.


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