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Zexus-ng Review: Is Legit? Find Out


I do hope I don’t sound mean when I tell you straight up that not all Nigerians are thinking straight. It is only in Nigeria that you will find a jobless youth complaining about no jobs in the country, yet this same person will waste all his time and data on irrelevant things like online videos and chats that will do him/her no good. The internet is filled with so many opportunities, so why not use the internet to your advantage? For instance, there is a new earning site called Zexus-ng. If you don’t have a job or means to earn easily, why not try joining platforms like Zexus-ng?!


Now of course, your excuse could be that many online earning sites are scams. This is partially true. But there are also many earning sites that are legit. And some times, some of the scam platforms even pay a few members. Meanwhile, you don’t even know for sure if zexus-ng is legit or a scam. Review

A lot of people underestimate the power of the internet. Some are aware that the internet can be used as an earning tool, but they believe that it is merely for side hustles. You guys have really got to change that mentality. With the internet, you can have a main hustle. So try taking it more seriously, and ensure that you’re committed while at it. is a website that promises lots of money to internet users. You get to make money everyday, and you don’t have to do any particular thing. It is an easy money making scheme for all internet users in Nigeria.


In this zexus-ng review article, we will help you better understand the platform. The pros and cons of joining the platform will be made known, and steps on how to earn will also be listed. Furthermore, this writeup will answer most of the questions that new members can’t stop asking. This will include; “Is zexus-ng legit or scam?”


While you read on; Bear in mind that this is not an article meant for advertising or promoting any earning site. This writeup is only meant for educational purposes. We do not own or have affiliation with the owner(s) of Zexus.


How to Make Money on Zexus-ng

I mentioned earlier that earning money on zexus-ng is very easy. This is nothing but just facts. You can earn everyday, easily, just by performing simple tasks on the website. These are tasks that can be done in just few minutes. But before you can earn, there is a list of investment plans/packages to choose from. Find the one that suits your budget, then deposit and start earning.


The cheapest investment package is worth 2600Naira. Investing in this package will allow you the privilege to earn 650Naira daily for 30days straight.
Other zexus-ng investment plans will cost more, and they will definitely earn you more money as well.


Note: Investing in any online website is a risk that may or may not work out. So if you made up your mind to invest, do well to invest only as much as you can afford to lose.


The only other way to make more money on is by referral. On this platform, whenever you invite a person to join, you will be rewarded with up to 40% rebates. You can invite even up to a hundred people. This will keep boosting your earnings to the sky!


How to Withdraw on Zexus-ng

Once you have earned a good amount, you will obviously want to cash out your hard earned funds. On this platform, withdrawal is allowed for only members that earned up to 1000Naira. And the maximum amount that can be withdrawn is 100,000Naira. The good thing is that withdrawal on zexus-ng can be done any day and anytime. So if you want to place withdrawal, simply login and click ‘withdrawal.’ Then provide your bank account details and the amount that you wish to withdraw.


It is said that you can withdraw more than once in a day. This unique feature will favor those with massive earnings.


How to Perform Login or Sign Up Process

Another interesting fact about that you probably didn’t know is that once you complete the sign up process, you will be given a welcome bonus of 200naira. This makes it easier to reach the minimum withdrawal amount, as it is 20% of what you need to withdraw. So get started now with the sign up process by following the process stated below.


Get yourself a referral link and click on it. This will take you to zexus-ng sign up page. On this page, type in your phone number, a password, and a referral code(one should be inserted there automatically). After that, submit. This simple step will earn you your first 200naira as a member.


Everyday to earn more money, you will need to log into your dashboard and carry out actions that will earn you money. So to carry out login process, find your way to the homepage. Then, click ‘login.’ On the login page, the only thing to do is type in your phone number and password. Then click on ‘login’ once again. It is pretty easy to figure out on your own.



Is Legit or Scam

If you know anything about online earning schemes, then you probably already know that the industry is filled with lots of scam websites. Which is why once any new platform is launched, most people want to immediately inquire if the site is legit or a scam. So, many people have been asking if zexus-ng is legit or a scam.
Since the site is new, they will probably pay new members. People who aren’t lucky to quickly join may not be so fortunate to get paid.


All in all, do well to remember that investing online is a risk. As there is no 100% guarantee that a website like is legit.


Thanks for reading to the end of this review.


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